How many cups of coffee you drink daily

I drink six small cups in the mornings, if I do not drink, I feel very tired the whole day. I typically buy inexpensive coffee, but I suppose it has the same amount of caffeine as more expensive coffees have. Here is one brand of coffee I drink.

about 5 in the morning double strenght

About 4-5 a day on average. Those Nescafe flavoured sachets and every now and then some cafetiere coffee .

I usually drink 2 cup of coffee everyday, one in the morning another in the afternoon. The brand can be various but mostly Moccona.

I drink 6 strong cupys a day. I like the Starbucks brand, but I also experiment with other brands. I find it worthwhile to buy the more expensive coffees;

4 mugs. :coffee: 20 characters.

I’m trying to cut down to 4 a day. By noon or so I switch to herbal tea.

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3 - 4 pretty large mugs on the average :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

I drink two large cups in the morning with double strenght, then 2 small cups in the rest of the day. This is on average.

I try to keep it down to two-three (big) cups of coffee per day. One reason is that I put milk in my coffee, and if I don’t keep it down, I would have to go to the store practically every single day just to buy more milk.

Wow…some coffee addicts here? LOL…just kidding. I’ve known a couple people in my life who drank 2 pots a day which is like 12 - 14 cups if you go by the lines on the pot…
because i only drink one cup, but its like a 12 ounce cup so technically 1 1/2 cups… on rare occasion i might have another 1/2 cup between noon and 4 PM, but very rarely do i do that…just my morning cup is usually all… and that’s between 4;30 - 7 am depending on when i get up…

I wish my grocery store was that close. You’re very lucky!

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That’s great @mjseu that you can walk to where you need. There is a grocery store within walking distance to me, but everything else takes a car.

I’d say I drink about 5-6 cups of strong coffee everyday, and even one while in bed before I go to sleep. I like the taste of it and don’t drink a lot of other stuff, not even water. It’s not good, but I doubt I drink more than a glass of water a day.

Too much! Maybe 8 a day. Gotta keep that energy up when dealing with teens!
Usually at night I hit up the green tea for a while. If my daughter can’t sleep, we make or special “hot milk” I drink that too. So good!

At least 2 and I usually cut myself off at 3. I am a coffee snob, but will drink almost any coffee.

4-6 cups a day. Just cheap instant stuff.

Usually I drink just one cup, but it’s with a heaping tablespoon of Classico instant. Sometimes I just drive straight to the office and make a not full pot(1 and a half cups) of Community Breakfast Blend. I get the whole bean kind and grind it in the store.

Today I’m drinking coffee flavored water, because there was only about a tablespoon of coffee left over. I forgot to bring the new bag.

Uh oh, I think I might have forgotten to grind it. Haha.

2 crack cocaine spiked extra strong super coffees or one and a double dose of preworkout

I usually drink no more than a cup a day.

i am in shock , you guys drink way too much coffee, and i looovvvveeee freshly ground coffee.
i even grind my beans every morning, and have a shiny italian coffee machine, i am my own barrista !!
but i can only have one a day !?!
take care

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