Buying things to get happy

Why Material Things and More Stuff Will Never Make You Happy.


That’s exactly what I do currently.

I waste time, money and mental resources by buying/selling stuffs or instruments that I’ll have to learn (or resell if not.), and unfortunately i don’t have enough mental ressources and patience to learn them.
It’s almost like a desire/obsession, a joy, then a disappointment.
It’s like a shoot of adrenaline, and then the descent…


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I had shopping addiction due to Abilify. I just didn’t know the value of money bcz of the Abilify. Abilify is known to cause impulsivity in some ppl. Even the FDA and Health Canada have warnings about Abilify causing impulsivity. I have the links to both.


He who dies with the most toys, laughs last. :wink:


I have no money to buy things. Im so in deep sh…

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