Abilify compulsive shopping ruining my life?

What should I do. I’m on the verge of despair I’m only on 5mg now but it isnt going away other drugs I have tryed dont work.

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I’ve only been on it a week and a half

I have the same dilemma.

Don’t know if it’s the Abilify or just general impulse control issues.

What are you shopping for?

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Dolls lots of them and they arent cheap. In my heart i dont even think i want them but my mind keeps telling me to buy them

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Ohhh I see.

Yep, I feel the same way about all the handbags I just bought.

Did you have spending issues before starting Abilify?

And everytime i want to buy something i get restless legs or jittery feeling so I know its something to do with the med

No In fact I was great at saving but now it’s so hard

I knew a girl with bipolar who was impulsive and bought 2 houses, yes 2 houses!

Really wow that’s not good

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Litteraly my favourite and nessesity stores hates me. Are bullies and follow me around their store aggressively. Basically trying to kill me. Rejecting all my requests for equality and common ground. Always saying no to me. I will still shop there though as I have a non negotiable budget and I like nice things.

It’s like all I do nowadays is online shop or look for things I want.

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Yea, I get some internal restlessness too.

Then I buy the item and it goes away, but I feel like shiit after.

It feels like one is completely out of control… Not a good feeling.

Can you get anybody to hold onto your money for you and help you budget?

You also need to talk to your pdoc asap about this issue.

Wishing you luck :sunny:

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I used to have a recoorant dream that I had 2 houses. I don’t have 2 houses and I don’t want 2 houses to be honest.

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I cant unfortunately because I worry that they will spend my money. Rn I’m broke and dont know what to do

Can you return those dolls?

The restlessness comes back though shortly after and I also used to get insomnia when ever I brought something when I was on the injection.its weird.

Try to see if those dolls are returnable so you can get your money back.

And if not, you could always try selling them on Ebay or make a seller’s profile on Poshmark and see if people will bite.

I can but I only end up buying more. I do return them but I want them again. I have all these magical ideas for them but they never amount to any things it’s a viscous cycle

You should report this to your doctor. Impulsiveness is a side effect of abilify for some people.


I have but they dont know what else to offer me I cant take respiridone and qiatiapine at lower doses makes me angry and at higher doses makes me unable to work

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