Spending money buying things to keep me satisfied

I am spending money and buying things which is necessary and also which might not be necessary.I bought a new pair of adjustable dumbbell and a lifting bench which cost around 20% of my monthly pay.I also would like to subscript to football streaming service which might cost some money every month.I already subscript and cancelled for 3 time,each time I cancel And re-subscript I need to pay reconnection fee.I am so crazy,I shouldn’t have cancelled my subscription last month.Now I am thinking if I should reconnect,but my parent is against the idea of me subscribing


I mean I am feeling guilty yet I cannot control my “impulse”.My younger brother doesn’t spent any money only on his son,how I wish he does spent a bit on himself so that I kinda feel balanced and not guilty





@mikev could be right. From what I remember you’re taking abilify. Abilify can cause impulse buying etc.


I get the impulse things pretty bad on abilify.

In the 2 years I’ve been on the drug i bought and furnished a house. Lmao

But yeah, it’s something you’ll need to figure out.

At least that’s what I’m doing. Cuz I’m in the states and the next drug I’d take costs about $4,000 a year.

So I can make some poor financial moves and still come out OK because my abilify is so cheap.

Edit: Why the FU*K do I have to hedge a bet against my health? I can’t wait for single payer health care. And it’s coming soon I bet.

Hmm. . .

One Must Remember, That Money Is Not The Only Answer, Yes, It Does Help, But!, Life Is Real.

I am taking Olazanpine,but on 5mg so it’s a low-moderate dose

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I used ability for 7 years,now I am on Olazanpine for 2 years


I want to resubscript to my football stream service,because I wanted to be more into football,but my family will be against it.I can still do it secretly though

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I also try to use Ebay. Example: I eneded up with two tablets. So I’m selling one on ebay r n. it should go for $80 - $100. And its almost 5 years old. But yeah, I try to limit my materialism to things that will either Go up/hold their value: or only a slight loss.

How much is the football subscription?

Sorry if this is rude. But I have to ask: Do you plan on gambling on football?

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A Strange Thing About Money Is…, In Order To Survive You Need It, So Is Money Parallel With Life?.

It’s like rm125 a month,so 30usd

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I don’t gamble…I just feel not so satisfied if I don’t spent money

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If you’re anything like me you’ll get the football stream: then want something else.

This is why deliberately almost never buy what I want. Because I’ll just want something else next week

Do they have a 30 day free trial period?

It was made deliberately to force everyone off their asses because the powers that be think we can be overcome with greed, and waste our lives chasing bits of paper, rather than living a life for family and friends

Hmm?. . .

Yea Greed Is A Terrible Thing, I Agree. Weird…, Greed, Agree. Both Words So Similar, So Weird.

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I’m with the original poster.
I simply want what I can’t afford.

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