Buy a next gen console? Yay or Nay [poll]

Buy a console?
  • Yes
  • No

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I am saving money. I am really worried welfare is gonna get screwed over by covid. I kinda want a PS5 but kinda see it as an extravagance.

What do you think?

Depends how much you will use it. If you’re likely to play it for a few hours a day I would get one.

I have been a gamer since I got a Master System II back in like 1994?

This will be the first time I have not updated my console on launch since the PS1

Unfortunately it’s a hobby that drifted away from me in recent years.

I just cannot keep interest and playing online when you’re out of practise is hard - especially on shooters


Yeah my concentration sucks tbh. I tried some battlefield a while back and was a total noob. Wasn’t even fun.

I think I have decided I am gonna save my money for now

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It might be for the best to save money. There are always glitches at launch, so sometimes it’s best to wait. Prices drop over time too.

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Probably wise - I have the same problem

I spent a small fortune on a gaming laptop last year, and it was a total waste of money.

It’s a real shame as I used to get a lot of pleasure playing online.

I did not renew my Xbox Live Gold membership this year, and I had that on the original Xbox in 2005!

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i bought a ps4 thinking it would help keep me entertained, i played it for like 5 hours total, and then gave it my nephew. it was a waste of money, but made a good gift. i may buy the next nintendo console, as i mostly like mario and zelda, things like that. im not big into shooters and that is all the popular playstation games.

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I did the exact same thing! Except I kept buying games thinking ‘the next’ game would peak my interest. Complete waste of money for me.

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Get one its worth it, going to be a great year for games.

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Wait 6 months and get a used one

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I would wait for there to be games you actually want to play.

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I’m getting a Series X to reduce load times and double frames per second on lots of old games.

New games are just icing on the cake.


Only if there is games at lauch you got to have. Otherwise current gen is fine.


I’m looking at buying a New Old Stock PS4 in about a year.


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