Can you guys convince me

Now with covid 19 mess still around and everybody is quarentined yet I am thinking of spending money and buying a PlayStation 4.I got two sets,but sold while psychotic I guess for a below price.

People are there scared the hell of the virus and some even needing money for daily necessities just to survive,yet I am here thinking of buying a PlayStation 4.WTF,it’s now so expensive like double the usual price and furthermore PS5 is coming this December.Why cannot i wait?I need you guys to convince me,help.I think I am still like a child or I am in psychosis…thanks in advance

I already have a good phone to play mobile games and past times.I also had one vice,which is vaping…I must hold on and not get the PS4 at this kind of time

It sounds to me like a ps4 is a “want” disguised as a “need”.
You feel you need it to be entertained, but you don’t really do. You just want one.
It could be due to poor impulse control, or being too used to instant gratification.
You don’t need a ps4 right now, and there are better things to spend your money on.
Save your money until the crisis is over.
Wait a few months, and if you still want the ps4 when things are back to normal, I’m sure you can buy it at a cheaper price.


I honestly think if you have the money, it’s ok to buy the PS4. If you have any money left over you could make a small donation to a food charity.

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I think this is a matter of my self control.I couldn’t even control my impulse of spending my left over money.How can I control myself?

I am vaping for a year already,I hope this vice is already enough.I don’t need more…but thanks anyway

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Apologise.Its my want.Didnt mean to sound mean

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You didn’t seem rude to me. It sounds like you really don’t want to buy one, and you’re trying to be considerate to others, and practical. I think if you check your budget and it’s ok to buy one then go for it. But if buying one means you can’t pay your bills then definitely don’t purchase one

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There are some great games on the PS4 that will keep you occupied during lock down.

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