But have I ever loved someone?

Have you loved someone?

I’ve known admiration, lust, infatuation, compassion…

Anybody have any other substitutes for loving someone?

I have been a victim of paranoid schizophrenia from my teenage.
Main trigger for this disease. was I loved someone and didn’t made a success to make him as a partner.

After years later who moved my cheese helped a lot to recover from the big earthquake in my life.

Please read who moved my cheese. Love is the only substitute for love

Are you talking about romantic love? If not, then you must have loved your parents.

I have fallen in love a few times. There was a girl I was 100% ready to marry and settle down with. But then I gave up drugs, she didn’t and she passed away.

I love my kid sister like a parent would love a child. I’m so proud of her, and she brings so much joy and light into my life.

I love and admire my parents. I love my brothers like one would love good friends.

I treasure my friends, who have come back into my life recently. I admire some of the guys in my SZ group and my AA group and I admire and value a good number of the people I’ve gotten to know as I’ve been living outside my head.

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I don’t hink l have ever really fell in love! I had a boyfriend at highschool but I ended up hating him then I have never put my self in a relationship, I always push the guys away…I have a tough taste or a problem! Not sure :wink:

Yes, I admit I was thinking only of love between a man and a woman. Perhaps that’s because my parents have been gone a long time and I only liked them when I was very young. Also, I have no brothers or sisters. Inemphasized text

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Love was a very complicated and abstract subject matter for me. I had a few female friends that liked being around me, I thought I was in love, but I was not so well, and I got involved with the wrong kind of shallow relationships or friendships.
I was married once to a woman who turned out to be a sociopath, she tried to undo me in so many ways.
I do know I love my family, I love my dog - if that is possible, I’m sure it is. Now that I am feeling a bit better, I am more opened to love. But I still suffer from paranoia and trust issues, getting close to someone on a romantic level can be challenging for me.

the only love i have felt is love for family and brotherly love. Love to me isnt romantic, thats just infatuation and lust. Im not saying that love isnt possible between partners, it just takes time, and what people feel in the beginning of a romantic relationship isnt love. Love is when ■■■■ happens and people stick together. My friends and family all saw me become paranoid and hostile to them, but they still stuck through it. that’s love as far as I know it.

But I have never felt love in the romantic sense. I have felt so many things, but thats the one thing i havent experienced. What is sad is that I have felt true hatred. I hated the people i thought were watching me, trying to poison me, trying to make me commit suicide, putting videos of me on tv, ect. I had a strange reaction to my paranoid delusions; I thought people were watching me, and so I tried to scare them by spending my time working out on stimulants while psychotic.I was trained in hand to hand combat as a teenager (I wanted to join ROTC) and so i practiced furiously with the intent of giving the finger to the people watching me, letting them see what I was made of. It was a dark time. I tested relatively highly for psychopathy in the MMPI-2.

I dont mean to share too much, but maybe I just did.

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I agree with you mortimermouse, lots of times love is really just infatuation. Yes I do believe true love takes time.
My problem was I got infatuated and really didn’t know how to deal with real love. Man, it gets so complicated.

Just me being whimsical… I love this song:


I’ve loved a couple of girls, who they were and what they did i enjoyed very much, it wasn’t only a sexual thing but their personalities were good for me to be around and warmed me up, i guess i could say that i have loved before.

But at the time i was diagnosed already, and other things, and i don’t see how they could love me back, on top of that im a moron soooooooo who in the hell could love that?

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I don’t think I can love… my fears and paranoia; always destroy it.

True love is something that attacks,overpowers,robs and finally destroys

why would anyone want do harm themselves like that.

I’m incapable of loving anyone because I can’t even love myself
My heart is so wounded that I even fear of love
Like “What if love can worsen my wound?”
If you don’t know what love is, you can’t accept it
And you can’t give ppl what you can’t accept it cos you don’ have it

If I could get over my head trip maybe I can meet someone

I think the easiest way to describe love is to buy flower seeds and a pot and dirt soil and you put the dirt inside the pot and then you put the flower seeds and you cover the flower seeds, you give it water, and make sure it is always moist. Make sure it has proper lighting where there is sun but not too much sun. Pretty soon you start seeing a little stem looking thing coming through the soil and in time you will see leaves and then your flower. It’s a wonderful feeling to grow and watch your plant blossom.

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Did I ever loved someone?
It didn’t go well.

When I was young - in grade school and junior high, I developed the most intense crushes on girls. In first grade it was Twila Thornhill, in third and fourth grade it was Jeanie Smith, in fifth grade it was Sydney Marshall, in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade it was Ann Upchurch. It was like a total obsession. One time I went swimming, and afterwards I was surprised because I realized I hadn’t thought about Ann Upchurch for thirty minutes. It was painful. My ninth grade year that went away. I count my tenth grade year as the year where my mental illness began.

Did you have cold parents? I’m sure you were adopted a few times as a kid at least.

If you see it as parent’s flaw, you can let it go easily and just sail high eventually. Nothing else has rocked your world yet, close with lust through. : )