I've never loved anyone

I’m not saying that to punish myself. It’s just something I noted today as I yearned to be alone again. But I will never learn to love by making a hermit of myself, so I guess I’ll remain here at the home for now.

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do you love yourself?

that counts.

I love myself because nobody else will.

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I love myself for moments, but that love is very easily shattered.

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Are we talking about romantically cause then I’ve only loved one person so far. Not-romatically I love my family and myself.

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there are people who don’t love anyone romantically. they’re either born asexual, in a state of asexuality, or very unlucky.

so that’s normal.

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Chordy, have you thought about volunteering at a preschool? Kids can teach a lot about selfless love


But we all love you, @PinCushion:wink:


he’s hugging her from behind. ^^^^^

is that… legal?

so you’ve never ever cried from losing someone?


me too I have this feeling chordy… my love was never ‘‘sane’’. but I dont love myself either. too much symptoms still and I cant love, it sucks isn’t it? its a pain, maybe one of the biggest ones…love is great like emotion I find :slight_smile:

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No, not talking just romantically. Are you aware of the three types of love? Agape, Filia, and Eros. Actual I guess the Greeks have 6 types of love, but I only learned the 3. I meant all three types when I wrote I haven’t loved.

fleeting at best.

That’s right. I’ve always been too tough and hard hearted.

What about Platonic love? Not the way the culture knows it which has distorted its meaning.

dictionary.com - love of the Idea of beauty, seen as terminating an evolution from the desire for an individual and the love of physical beauty to the love and contemplation of spiritual or ideal beauty.

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but you laugh at America’s funniest home videos right?

During my last Psyche Ward stay, I made a Captain Stubing hat and sang The Love Boat theme song as I walked down the Hospital hallways.

I was crackers for sure.


Now, I know I didn’t miss an awful lot when I didn’t watch tv.

that video is the opening of Titanic

Sounds a bit silly, but, I feel my first love, the one who taught me unconditional love, is my 18 year old kitty. She is like the daughter I never had, and there truly is a bond unbroken.


chordy, i gotta tell you – you gotta love yourself before you can share love with others. its just the way it is.

hugs to you, judy

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