Business Venture

I am talking to some guy right now about getting a loan for my own business. It’s a franchise. I have to borrow about $70,000 to get started.

It’s a mobile dog grooming business that started in Australia. Nobody has one near me. I would be able to pick the zip codes for my market.

The lady I talked to said you can make $100,000 a year or more washing and grooming dogs.

My wife doesn’t like the idea. She likes me working from home but I think I would like to be my own boss.

They are putting my application together right now. Should hear something by the end of the week.

I would have a $100,000 Mercedes dog washing truck I would have to park in my driveway. It’s a lease.


good luck with that. hope it works out for you. sounds exciting being your own boss.

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That’s probably not true.


Would you hire a grimmer or do the grooming yourself?

I would do it myself

This is it.

She said that was bathing eight dogs a day. I think realistically I could do five or six.

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How long have you been considering this?

If not very long, then I would give it some more time and thought, especially with a new and expensive business venture.

I have only been thinking about this a couple of days. My wife is against it. I saw it on Facebook believe it or not.

I don’t even bathe my own dogs. I take them to PetSmart.

I don’t have the best credit. May not get approved anyway.

It ain’t as good as flying helicopters but I love dogs. Don’t mix well with people anymore. I don’t talk much. They say you just have to build up 300 to 500 customers and I get a territory of 10,000 homes. I can pick all the rich zip codes in my city. I would be the first franchisee here.

Well they said my credit score was 691. That’s better than I thought but I had 6 inquiries in the last 90 days. They said the max was 3 so I was initially denied but they sent my file to their credit enhancement department to see about removing some inquiries.

I recently bought a corvette and applied for a couple credit cards.

I don’t think you could bathe 8 dogs a day but if you did and charged $80 per dog and did that 5 days a week that would be over $166,000 per year. I don’t think that’s realistic though. When I take my dogs to get groomed they are at the salon for a few hours.

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I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not really a dog washing fan. Some rich people love their pets and will pay a lot of money to have their animals pampered. It just seems so so risky to do and could fail and flop so easily. But what do I know? I’m the last person you would want to listen to.

Don’t do it.


Maybe you should get a temporary job grooming dogs somewhere else, just to see what you think of the work.


I’d start small and work my way up, I’d also check and see if there’s much of a demand for it in your area before I ever took out a loan, that would be a place you don’t want to be if it didn’t work out, good luck

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Hey I’m all for working for yourself. No need to but up with other people’s ■■■■■■■■. A**hole coworkers and bosses no thanks.

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My wife says I can’t do it. She won’t budge on the issue but I have already applied for the financing. We will see what they say. It will be a few days before I hear back.

It’s just an idea but it is a lot of expenses. The truck is $1500 a month and the franchise fee is $1000 a month so that’s a lot of baths right there. And I am sure the tax man will get me too. Not to mention gas and upkeep for the truck.

With Covid going on I don’t think there are many businesses that will thrive in the next year, people are cutting back here and many unemployed

Just not the right time for start up, maybe if it was running for a year or two already

They say this hasn’t been affected by the virus but I know they are trying to sell me a franchise.

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Do they have any proof of what people realistically make with this business?

I was thinking, it may be cheaper to skip the franchise and just start your own business like that. Unless you need their help Tom.

They say never to get into a business you don’t have an interest in. How much do you like grooming dogs?

Maybe you could hire an employee, perhaps your wife if you need a break from it.