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wet hard to handle soapy dogs all day…sheesh…no way I wouldn’t do it.

My son said he would do it with me. But he lives far away. Maybe he would move back here. He is here right now and out of work due to the virus. He is a bartender.

And I guess I always could hire someone to help me out.

Right now I work from home though so I can keep an eye on my own dogs. When I went to work every day my wife made me bring them to camp. She doesn’t like watching them.

Hey @tomcat you’ve got Pet Smart and most pet stores plus thousands of home based (garage) dog groomers for competition which leaves only a sliver of room for a mobile dog groomer. However if you’re in a large population center that might be ok but if you’re based in a low population area there probably won’t be enough demand for your service to pay for your time, materials, fuel, insurance, lease, taxes, business license, web site, marketing campaigns, phone, etc.

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There are about a million people in the metro area here but I only get an area of 10,000 homes.

The lady I talked to today said most people put you on a schedule like once every two weeks or four weeks and once you fill up you don’t have room to take any new clients.

She said people see your truck in the neighborhood and call you and you fill up quickly. The phone number is on the truck.

The business has a rescue side though you volunteer for. We go wash shelter dogs for free and try to get them adopted. So you are also helping to save animals from euthanasia and get them adopted. They have a tv show on Animal Planet about this right now. It comes on Saturday at 830 am ET.

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IMO, I’d look into e-commerce for a clean business. But SZ people will have a hard time with the technicals.

Dog washing sounds pretty straightforward. Maybe try something else like window washing or carpet cleaning if there’s too much competition. It’s a hustle but it’s not complicated.

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Hey @TomCat, If you want to / feel comfortable getting into details for a free confidential consult just message me. I have an MBA degree from a top ranked university and have owned several businesses including an internationally successful high tech company. I’m happy to help out. Free means free.


I have an MBA also but I will take you up on it. Can’t be too careful these days.

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I decided not to get the dog washing franchise. They wanted me to pay $1200 to get my credit fixed.

I am looking at another franchise right now. It’s delivering fresh pet food so still in the pet industry. Sounds easier than washing dogs and it’s a little cheaper and I already own two SUVs so I don’t think I would have to get another vehicle. They want you to put a wrap around it though.

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