Brother in and out of jail and recently put on antidepressants


I don’t think he’ll make it if he gets wasted every night and is on psych meds. I’ve posted articles where substance abuse can make people violent. My brother does get into fights. He also is on a benzo. Maybe in 5 years he will get put on Clozapine like me.


I hope he gets the help he needs.


I’m sorry to hear that. Does he have professional help for his issues? Have you ever talked to him about it? Maybe an intervention is in order


Last time I saw him he seemed fine. He just sees a general practitioner and he doesn’t see a psychiatrist. He probably needs to find one. I think he values his friends opinions more than mine.


I hope his friends are good influences, but for some reason I doubt it. Either way, sorry thebest,
Here’s hoping he finds that spark of recovery


You seem like a good brother that cares about him.


He has a degree in pyschology. So hopefully he is med compliant. I do care about him. I went without talking to him for a couple of years. 50% of people go off their meds so hopefully he’s educated enough not to do it. :crossed_fingers: