Bright Light Therapy for Depression

I went to see my pdoc today, I told her that I was feeling depressed - Low Energy, Vegging on my couch when 4 pm comes around - Dark thoughts etc…

Instead of prescribing me harmful Antidepressant type drugs, she suggest that I purchace a light Box (lamp).

She told me to start off using it for 15 minutes for the first week than increasing my time to 30 minutes a day then 45 minutes and see how I do.

There is a chance that the light lamp will make me Manic, but she then told me to reduce the exposure to it.

I am pretty sure that besides suffering from biolar depression, I also suffer from SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder - the lack of Daylight and strong Sunlight is triggering my depression.

This has been suggested for me once…never got around to getting one.

Don’t get out much…so it might make for a world of good for me.

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Yeah I dont get out much either, hopefully it will help me out - I will post updates on how I am doing with it.

would a sunbed be good for it?

whats a Sunbed? You mean a Tanning Bed?

I dont think so - light boxes are special medical type lamps that mimic sunlight - I dont think that a Tanning Bed would ease depression.

don’t those cause cancer?

Yep, tanning beds are well-documented for causing cancer.

yes a tanning bed, the light is very bright