Seasonal bipolar depression

My pdoc recommended a full spectrum lightbulb to help with the seasonal aspect to my bipolar depression. I was going downhill pretty quickly and needed to do something fast. I was so afraid to go into the “bottom of the well”. I hate that even more than being psychotic, it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever known.

My pdoc also decided to change my antidepressant from Lexapro, which I was maxed on, to Zoloft so I could get a higher dose. So with the higher dose of Zoloft and the full spectrum light I’m actually starting to feel the process starting to reverse,

I’m no longer going towards the well. I think I’m starting to go back in the right direction. I’m still depressed, but it seems to be lifting a bit. I have some hope. I even was able to force myself to exercise yesterday and plan on doing it today too.

So hopefully I’ll be seeing you guys a little bit more now and seeing a little bit less tears. I hope all of you that suffer with the winter depression are able to find some relief too.


It gets dark waaaay too early :grimacing::sleepy::cry::zipper_mouth_face:


Better than lightbulb is 4000-5000 IU vitamine d3 per day. Seriously

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I just bought a depression lamp myself. I can’t wait to get it. I’ve been feeling depressed lately so i hope it works.


yes, I just got done with that very regimen. They test my vitamin D frequently because I deplete so easily. But the last test was so good they put me back down to a regular amount of D3. So next time I test we"ll see if I’m holding or I might need to go back up to 5000 IU again.

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Hi @Sheryl, what kind of light did you get?

I feel gloomy because of the shorter days.
My pdoc recommended a lightbox.
I bought one 2 years ago but I don’t use it because it makes me manic.

I’m not really depressed now, just have a feeling of doom surrounding me as it gets dark.

Glad that you are starting to feel better @leafy

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what is the differences between a lightbox and just a full spectrum bulb. Maybe you would be able to handle just the bulb without going manic. I wouldn’t mind a little hypomania if it was just a tiny bit. I just have to be careful not to set off the pendulum effect, then I would be scared of the depression from that too.

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My seasonal affective disorder (SAD) was so bad that I moved 1350 miles south. I realize that most people can’t do that for various reasons.

Vitamin D2 and D3 supplements are helpful, but sunlight is best. You have sunlight, so make sure you go outside as much as possible.

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I don’t remember what kind it was. I looked under depression lamps on Amazon. It was the first one on the list. I checked out the other ones but the first one looked the best.

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it’s a catch 22 because I also have skin cancer so I do want to stay away from the sun. I don’t know the risk of the full spectrum light bulbs but it can’t be as bad as the sun. Besides, we don’t have sun much this time of year anyway really. Maybe I’ll take @Moonwalker advice and go back on the 5000 IU vitamin D3 again, it seems a safer alternative.



I’m sorry to hear that.

Don’t forget vitamin D2 :heart:

I do take Vitamin D3 everyday, but I have a deficiency.
Depakote is really helping with my depression.

wait, do you need D2 and D3?

Yes, I believe so (I’ll do some research to confirm).

ok honey, thank you


I’m wrong. Vitamin D2 is for plants and fungi (I’m an idiot).

You only need Vitamin D3. Sorry about that.

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no you’re not an idiot, you just got that one thing mixed up. And I appreciate checking it because I’m not too focused on a google search right now. I was trying to look up lights and it was giving me a headache. So thank you.

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What ap are you on

I take rexulti and saphris