how many years you have a briefcase and use them what in the world do you put in them

I only use back pack.

Don’t know about in it but mine collects dust a lot. No idea how long I had one given to me I think it was the year 2000?

I’ve never owned one… back pack sort of guy.

I have a shoulder bag I use if I need it. I believe they are called messenger bags. I used to have a custom made messenger bag from a company that has since gone out of business but who’s messenger bags were all the rage in Boston years ago. I unfortunately burnt a rather large hole in it during a speed fueled psychosis in which I found myself out in the woods cooking up a batch of napalm with which to save the children…Jeesh huh? That bag could have been worth something someday…and no I came around to my better senses before I began my campaign of destruction.

I had one when I taught Freshman English, and they are very handy for carrying students’ papers, essays and stories in.

Now, since I wear sweatpants without pockets so much I wish I, and more other men, carried purses to put wallets, keys, snacks and other good stuff in.