From the past to today, where am I

Back in 1987 my Soviet flag was stolen by some fellow students on May Day. Then I was this well advancing student in one technological university. My favorite subject was math. I had the whole life ahead of me, my plans, my dreams and my admirations. But what happened in these 27 years is something nobody wants to experience. My downhill started in 1998 when I started hearing voices and in 1999 I wanted to kill myself due to my depression, but I survived. However, the years passed by and now I am here writing to you as I was already in 1994, 20 years ago, long before Facebook, Google+ or other social media had been invented. I know there will be more advancement in human communications in the next 20 years and people around the world get closer as it has been the trend in the past many decades. In the early 1990s I maintained a long distance relationship from Europe to America with minitapes and coin telephone calls, but today I just write to you here just like that. So where am I?

I`d say you are in a good place*****

In my past it was stamps and letters And I still have some of them. I remember when I was a kid those purple statue of liberty 3 cent stamps. They finally stopped making them + began to fuel the stamp collecting industry. The post office is going that guarded our letters for awhile. Now it’s glib 3 liners here or a little longer in an e mail. Gone with the bird’s song. I didn’t listen to the birds back then.