Coach, Purses and thieves


I normally carry what I need in my pockets or something on my person. I have a fear of sorts that I will forget my purse somewhere or someone will steal it… and my purses are too big anyways, I don’t like carrying big purses. I have thought about getting a guys wallet or one of those card holder things that doubles as a phone case.

What do the rest of you use? Do you feel like people will take your things often? Does that cause you to carry only what minimally you need on you?


My purse always goes in a green environmentally friendly grocery bag. :purse:


My son carries a “murse”. Its a canvas messenger bag with shoulder strap that he wears cross-body at all times.


Are those ok for women to wear?


Yes, it can be carried by either sex. It’s kind of a khaki color and would measure about 12"W and 8"H. Its fairly unstructured, not real stiff. My daughter got it at Macy’s for his Christmas present and I think the only time son doesn’t have it on is when he showers:)


I will look into that. I would like to be able to carry my sketchbook with me because it helps to calm me down from certain things. And… you know… i should be carrying other things with me that I frequently find myself without in the worst of times.


lol know what you mean:) I think one of those would be perfect for you. There are a couple of pockets on the outside for “incidentals”. I tried to find a pic on the Macy’s website but couldn’t find that particular one. I’ll check with daughter to see if she remembers the brand and let you know.


Thank you. I appreciate it.


Here were I am we have no pickpockets. I often carry my old army shoulderbag (cost 2 euros) and my wallet (cost 50 cents, some older Jane Shilton designs).


I carry a crossbody bag as part of my disguise. A regular shoulder bag slips off my shoulder. I always hatted those purses you have to carry in your hand or on your arm. You just have one hand available to use. Leaves you handicapped. I don’t overly worry about people stealing my stuff - I am concerned about myself leaving it somewhere. Fits in with my psychology.


I have seen those before. I will look into that as a possible option.


I’ve known some women who carry some very formidable purses…Some of the items down in the lower corners were, a solid 3" round black crystal ball, a marble stone, river rocks, and rolls of quarters. A thief would not want to get struck by those purses, and the girls were not handicapped by them, they knew how to use them…
Of course that wouldnt stop someone from sneaking up by surprise and yanking the purse, breaking the strap and possibly hurting the girls arm…thats where awareness of their surroundings, maybe even paranoia came in handy.


Cargo shorts, cargo pants or when I am at school, my red, white, black or grey jeans with my crap in my backpack. Keys wallet and phone stay in my pockets at all times. Pillbox and cigarettes go in my cargo pockets or in my backpack. I have a mini backpack thing that looks like this

Its small and fits diagonally over your chest, I got it after playing a video game where the character had one. Looks pretty cool and Ive been using it for years. When I am going to a friends house to chill I bring my meds, swim trunks, a DVD, wallet, cigs, phone, Ipod, condoms, lube, lol, whatever I need.

I carry a 2.2 liter wattle bottle with a stainless steel cap around everywhere I go. So one hand is always being used.

I suggest one of these asymmetrical bags. Patagonia made small ones a few years ago, which is the one I have, it is one of my favorite things. Theyre hard to steal and steal things out of. Someone cant pull it off you. The way its designed, you can flip it around and open it without taking it off because the strap goes over one shoulder and under the other arm.

Its one of my very well-used little things, like my cigarette case (keeps them from getting squashed or wet) my pillbox, water bottle, ect.

I dont feel like people will take my things unless I am downtown and in a crowd. Then I keep my stuff in my cargo pockets and button them up.

I use a wallet, lifebox on my Iphone, pretty common sense stuff. When I went to that club (havent been in a while, I think it was a predatory environment and everyone wanted a piece of my butt, which is not what Im selling in the first place) I would bring some cash and my drivers license and leave my wallet in the car. Wallet with no chain on it = goodbye wallet. Especially when youre in a cluster of people all grinding on eachother. Its easy to grab a wallet when youre distracted by whats in front of you. I wore jeans in clubs, not cargo pants. virtually every day I am wearing cargo shorts when its shorts weather.


I carry a large purse. I always have to have everything I could possibly need at any given time with me or I feel anxious.


People are now donating Coach bags to the thrift stores. Michael Koors handbags are the new trend now. $1000 for a :purse: :laughing: :laughing:

I can get a leather handbag for $10.00 at Goodwill.


I don’t like coach bags. The repetitive logo they throw on everything is not appealing in my opinion. I am not sure what kind of bag i would like… something colorful that catches my eye and has a nice artistic look about it.

I am so tired today… 5 hours left at work and I am falling asleep.


Sasha I’m the same as you. I don’t carry a purse because I’m afraid either someone will steal it or I will forget it. I have a chain wallet I carry in my back pocket and carry my keys, cellphone, and cigarettes in my pockets. I do have a Slipknot messenger bag I take with me sometimes when I want to take my tablet and notebook, but I still carry everything in my pockets. A messenger bag would be a good idea if you want to take your sketch book with you. :sunny:


I got a coach bag at a thrift store for $25! :smiley:


I have to say that I love slipknot. =)


My chain wallet is also Slipknot. I love them. I saw them live a few years back. They put on a great show. So much energy. :sunny: