Ever got something but dont use it?

i remember i was very very excited about getting an electronic drawing tablet for my computer and i wanted it for ages and then when i eventually got it, i didnt know what to do with it, i tried but it was too hard to work out.

has anybody ever got something but never used it?

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When I was young and had a weight issue, I wasted a lot of money buying clothing that didn’t fit.

I went to have my gums deep-cleaned by a periodontist a couple of months ago. He recommended I get a water-pic to clean my teeth instead of just flossing. Well, I bought a brand new water-pic from Kohls.com. I took it out of the box it came in and read the instructions but I haven’t used it even once yet.

My new pair of slippers I got for Christmas. :feet:

My new Viper. Haven’t drove it since I bought it. I have been using my Lamborghini.


My Vintage Mini Cooper. Needs a new clutch. I didn’t buy it though, it was a present…It’s still sitting in the (ex’s) warehouse.
Also my Canon S100. Love my S95 and S90 too much to bother opening up the new S100…that was a present too, so the person who gave it to me was going to buy himself one, so I gave it back to them.

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i remember i got a weight bench years ago with lots of weights and things for my christmas but i didnt us it once so it just sat there taking up space so i ended up selling it for cheap.

My sis and I went in on a Nordic track ski thing so we could work out at home in the winter… That didn’t happen. Why fake ski in a cold dark apartment basement/ laundry room when we can swim in a nice pool with no spiders.

We set it up in the corner of the laundry room but we never used it. One of the other tenants used it all the time when she was doing her laundry. When we moved, we didn’t take it with us.

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