Pre psychotic

Told my nurse today my cousine is sz and I also have two uncles that are missing. Nobody knows their where abouts. She said I might have a sensetive mind because I get psychotic symptoms. I still have not slept. Pdoc said I was to take max dose on all sleep aids. Then the nurse will call me tomorrow. I also have a meeting with my psychologist tomorrow. I have slept two hours in three days. I can’t drive my car because I don’t sleep. I need to use bus to get everywhere. I hate buses. I have my earphones on and block the ppl out. Maybe I’m pre psychotic. I have no paranoia yet but I just can’t shut down my mind and make it rest. I have a strange feeling of settlement. I can’t do anything about my head, so I just sit and watch the rollercoaster cart picking speed. And waiting for it to crash.

I’d check yourself into hospital if you don’t sleep tonight.

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I’ll have that in mind. Maybe my doc decides that is best too.

The sooner the better. Maybe don’t even wait for tonight.

If I can’t sleep tonight. I’ll call them tonight.



I hope you manage to sleep, and I’m glad someone is going to call and check on you as well.

It’s a good idea to call if you can’t sleep. Getting help sooner then later…

I’m wishing you all the luck I can and hope you feel better soon.

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Got 5 hours sleeplast night. Far from normal but atleast it’s 5 hours instead of two. Today I’m very exhausted and tired in my body.

Saw my psychologist. She said I have severe insomnia. And it was good that I sleep, elen if I just get a few hours.

I am going to do a sleep diary. I will write down how much I sleep for two weeks and then she’ll call me.


sorry you’re going through this. Maybe sleep will help?

That’s what I’m trying to do. :wink:

sorry wasn’t thinking >"<