Bought a Fitbit

Needed something to kickstart getting healthier, and to also track heart rate. Bought a Fitbit Charge HR:

Liking it so far. Hoping I can get back on the health wagon. Did well in December of 2014 and then went sideways.

Talking to doc about switching back to Geodon ASAP. Abilify may work for others, but it’s a crap drug for me. Want my old mainstay back. Would also like to stop drooling. Gawd.

Hope others are having more luck than I am with weight loss so far this year.



I need to drop 16 more pounds. I’ve been hovering around 215 lbs-225 lbs for months now. Not ready to give up though.

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Sending positive thoughts your way, sir.


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Some comments on my Fitbit…

I do find that it has been helping with motivation, but I’m only on day two. It will mean a lot more if I’m still doing this at month two.

You get a LOT of functionality on the site without having to pay a premium for access, unlike the Runtastic devices and apps. Very nice.

The integration between and is excellent. I can keep adding food the way I normally do on MFP and Fitbit very accurately tracks calorie burn.

The pedometer and heart rate monitor are scary accurate. I can also scroll through my heart rate history to track tachycardia episodes, which is handy.

Syncs easily with both PC and phone. Haven’t had to force a sync on either. Setup was incredibly easy.

I was surprised yesterday when it told me I had burned 1700 calories. Going by MFP tracking, I would have figured maybe 600. Of course, MFP can’t track my heart rate continuously.

The band is mostly comfortable to wear.

The Android app is excellent. Have it on both my tablet and my phone.

I’d love to know how this thing knows when I’m sleeping and can automatically track it. I had an accidental snooze in my chair yesterday (Hawaii Five-0 is boring) and it even caught that. Also tells me how restless my sleep is, but that’s not so useful because I have an unfortunate tendency to remember nightmares very well. I also have a lot of nightmares.

Anyhow, happy with my purchase so far.


I haven’t tried FitRPG myself, but it looks very interesting, if it works as described:

It is supposed to basically use FitBit to turn your fitness goals into a player versus environment and player versus player role playing game.

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My brother uses Fitbit - He loves it

aim to do just 10 minutes of excercise, a quick run or walk.
you don’t get bored
it is easy to do each day
it is not overwhelming…or unacheivable
take care :alien:

My brother bought me a FitBit Charge HR for my Birthday.

So far I’m loving it.

I especially like the way it Tracks my sleep.

The only issue I’m having with it is the color - it’s purple (plum) :smile:

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