Bottom line is do you fully know me?

Do you know fully anyone?



it seems like impossible to even fully know yourself, so knowing somebody else fully is really hard i think.

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once we are good people

with good hearts

and good love for others

we have noting to worry about 100%

go go go us

Yes @san_pedro . I know you completely. I see down into the very core of your being :stuck_out_tongue: .


Thank you @Bowens

Just saying am a good person and I have noting too worry about

I did my best in lifes journey

so i am good 2 go

now lets celebrate

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I was kind of being sarcastic. Obviously most of us only have a cursory knowledge of you from your posts. I have never had a long discussion with you about anything.

But you are welcome anyway.

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No badness in me

is the bottom line

and god knows this

now lets celebrate…77777

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I don’t even fully know myself.

Yeah, whadya want??,…,…,

Yes you’re Pedro, the meme ass kicking hero of

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