Do you ''fully'' know yourself?

As above folks well?

I think so? 151

in 5 years from now

will i know myself?

Lol no. How could anyone do that.

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What do you mean by fully

because we don’t know

well then we don’t fully know ourselfs imo

I don’t really know what you’re saying but it sounds like what I’m saying too.

I know myself pretty well.
Thank you very much

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I mean and meant we don’t know the future

I know about as much about myself as I want to know. I prefer to know and understand God.

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What does God mean to you ? If you could clarify, what is god, thanks

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I don’t know what I don’t know.
I don’t remember everything I did know.
I don’t know who I will be tomorrow.
But everything important is known.

I mean God to be my Higher Power.

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Higher power within , like your soul ?

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No, the Creator of my soul.

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I’ll just say that I fully accept myself and I don’t care if others don’t accept me for who I am.


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