Do u fully know anyone r is just an opinion based?

do u fully know anyone r is just an opinion based ?

888 :heart_eyes:

From my experience I don’t even know my mom except for her being an alcoholic. With that said if you don’t know your own family how can you trust anyone else truly?

i don’t even know myself sometimes

am discoverin myself

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I agree with that. With this illness I never know what tomorrow holds.

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once te universe knows me

am feelin ok

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Everything & everyone changing all the time. What you know now wont be true entirely in a year because it changes all time


once we are not 2 bad, we are ok

I think a persons true “name” is known only by that person and by God. Idk tho…

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I aree te boss man knows our aims in life and by tat i feel ok

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Pedro you are a very humble man, God has plans for you

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cool tanks broter…


our lord spoke too me 12 years past, suc a maic and life canin moment

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