How well do you know yourself?

Just curious. When I was young I didn’t feel I knew myself very well. I guess knowing yourself means you can rely on yourself.

I feel like I’m figuring it all out. My mood has been stable for a couple weeks.

I’d rather be alone then waste my time trying to be friends with people who don’t care. I think most people are pretty awesome, I don’t like talking ■■■■(it does happen sometimes), but these people don’t care. They’re so deep in social interaction they don’t even know what friendship is. It’s just something they have to do.

I could go on. Lots of stuff has changed in recent months. It’s all starting to settled out. I’m getting a clear image of myself in my mind. Focused. That’s what I want to be. Learn to focus and do to no end and there isn’t much that can hold me back.

It’s almost effortless when you take all the distractions away.


That’s a good question. I’m trying to get to know myself a bit better now, I think I knew myself but then psychosis and then sz diagnosis and then I think I kind of lost myself a bit. Now I’m regaining strenght, for instance my family is having lots of arguments and I feel like the sane one giving people advice on how to deal, feels nice to be the sane one, and it feels good to help out. I think of myself a little better now as well, I used to put myself down a lot.


I’m learning to know myself. I think I will keep learning who I am for as long as I live. For some reason though it seems that the more I learn about myself, the less important this self seems to me. Not in a spiritual “enlightened” way, I think. It’s more of a practical thing, where it becomes easier to be patient and understanding towards others (to a point). I really appreciate this since it’s much nicer than feeling anger and mistrust.


This past year and a half was so different than what my life was like before I moved a few times and it should have been a learning experience but it was more of a confirmation.

Ive been this way for years and ill die this way at least now I can fully except it and stop thinking that my life might get better eventually.

I moved and moved and moved because life keeps screwing with me, I’m about to move again but this time im going to put up a tent way out in the woods somewhere maybe then ill get some peace.

It’s great that you are doing good!

Um, a lot of times I’m re-inventing myself,

keeps things interesting, I guess.

So, I’m not sure.

I think I’m just getting to know my self… for a while… I had no idea who I was…

Still not sure I know myself completely… but as I grow I’ll change… so I’m sure I’ll have to meet myself again.

Growing up, I didn’t really have much self awareness. Because of adverse circumstances, the negativity that I was surrounded by eroded my confidence and self esteem. One thing my family credits me for now, is that I’ve developed a deep sense of self. Like I posted before though, I really need to work on not being so blunt.

I know myself well enough to know that I shouldn’t try to be in a relationship. I don’t think I am made to be in one. I’m not a good partner for another person.

I have to say I really found myself and kind of everything fell into place after my last relapse 2013. Currently, I’m in the best stage of my life. I know what I want and I go after it. I’m just going through med change right now and sometimes I get nostalgic about my late teenage years but I have to say, I’ve achieved quite a lot in my life. I would like to travel more and learn more. I would like to advance my artistic skills but generally I just want to feel like a normal person. I also learned how to ignore and remove negative and dramatic people from my life. I simply don’t give in be kind thing anymore. If I don’t like someone, I simply remove them from my life. I learned that after a lot of difficulties.

Wow, I think each person has a lot to learn from people that they don’t like. We can’t make people who we want them to be. We can only be who we are. I’ve learned more from arguments, enemies, strangers, bad bosses, irritating co-workers, and addicted relatives than anybody who did exactly what made me happy to have them around.


It’s just that, a lot of people tried to ruin my life in so many ways and the only thing I’ve gained from these experiences is hatred and it took me a while to learn to forgive. I simply don’t have room for drama in my life. Life is short, I deserve to have peace and happiness. I had a very rude coworker once and we worked in the same cubicle, I was always nice to her but she just was bitter, I eventually stopped talking to her, just good morning and good night! no hurt feelings.

Yeah, it’s just people are people. I’ve got to learn to know the boundaries many times,

and I’m still learning that. But I’m an open book.

I just think I would forgive someone easily if they steal from me or borrow money or crash my car. The only thing that I’ve had the most hurtful experience is when people close to you hurt you with words. Always choose your words. I believe in the power of words.

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I guess I just come from the street, cuz I’ve had lots of fights,

(I know that really surprises you @soitgoes)

and everything has made me stronger. Wha wha what don’t kill me, can only make me stronger!

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I don’t think my “self” is large or complex enough to really “know”. Haha. I’ve decided to become a very simple person in lieu of all the crazy religious & gov’t systems and the societal demands imposed upon each of us.

I just want to be aware of what God wants me to do and that’s about it; at-the-moment it appears to be trying to resolve every form of social unrest imaginable. Imagine an age or an era where negative social interactions are impossible… now that would an age of true peace.

That might be One World Order, baby.

I do like “Imagine” by John Lennon, but it scares the hell outta me.

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