Do you fully know yourself...?

I can’t say I do ‘‘fully’’ know myself

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Nope, I still surprise myself sometimes, both in good and bad ways

I know myself a great deal more then I used to. But I don’t think I fully know myself. Videotaping yourself speaking helps.

@Ooorgle and @Jonnybegood

would you both agree I posed a great question in the heading of this thread?


It’s an interesting pondering but it’s not “great” because most everyone will have the same answer. “No”. Not really sparking any great amazing debate or theory.

Lol jk…Pedro,it’s an amazing question. Top notch. I give u a 9/10. :slight_smile:

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I liked it, it was one of your better ones

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I even put it on fb on a site I joined there 30 replys in 5 minutes, seems a popular question

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Hmm I would have asked “how well do you know yourself 1-10”.

Cool it’s generating some good response!!

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lifes journey is too vast in all areas to fully know ones self IMHO

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I’m glad I can’t fully know everything, I like learning. Enhances the good and improves on the bad. Feed the good wolf and all that

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Back from discussion whether is good topic or not,I think “insight” is better word.
More of insight in your illness,because that is reason why we could never reach point of knowing fully ourself,comes with years of questioning yourself.
Other reason why we couldn’t understand ourselves is because when people are younger,they are more ruled by hormones then consciousness,so the older people who have experience and wisdom(not all),can understand themselves better.
That’s only my opinion,based on knowledge of more reading psychology and psychiatry


great points there @anon70049667

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