Bombarded with bad thoughts

Didn’t forsee what i was going to see today. Plagued by intrusive thoughts that made feel sick and guilt ridden. Kept thinking other people could see and hear my thoughts. I feel that if they could see they would want to murder me. Don’t know how to explain it. I think partially its conditioning and brainwashing I have with people in my head.Pray for peace of mind. I feel they are trying to make me a bad person.

Don’t be hard on yourself for your intrusive thoughts. I found talking out my deepest fears and issues of guilt or shame with another person to be really helpful in solving the intrusive thoughts? Nobody wants to murder you, that is delusional thinking. I hope you tell your psychiatrist about these thoughts and ideas. Work with your pdoc on trying to find meds that help extinguish your thoughts? good luck.

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Have had problem with bad thoughts but now I manage them better so they do not plague me as much

How are you able to manage your bad thoughts?

It’s most definitely a hard thing coping with this. Is there anyone close to you that you can talk to? Having someone there helps. They might not be able to fully understand them but they will be able to help you out in the long run if need be. It’s not good to go through psychotic episodes by yourself.

It’s not easy I try to replace them by good thoughts

I have excessive negative thinking too. A lot of people hurt me plus i got mental illness. I dealt with humulity too. Whatever. I’m starting therapy soon. I just make a cup of coffee and put some lounge music on youtube.