How to stop intrusive thoughts

Lately it has been getting worse. If I see someone I think something bad, I have suicidal thoughts, everything I think is just negative. What makes it worse is that I think everyone can read my mind and hear those bad thoughts.

I can identify with your situation. It seems like people often start talking out loud about what I am thinking. For instance, one time I was outside a McDonald’s thinking about getting some sweetened tea. Some guy I didn’t know from Adam started talking disparagingly about “getting a sugar and caffeine buzz from sweetened tea”. That kind of thing happens all the time. Also, I am subject to intense mood swings, more so now than earlier. I go into intense hatreds and think of terrible things to say. The thought of violence is creeping into those thoughts a little. I try to talk myself out of those intense hatreds, but that only works for a while.

Medication has done more for my intrusive thoughts than anything else. I never had much of an ability to get rid of them on my own.


the more I try to talk out of them the more louder they get

noone can read ur mind hunni, i promise. i used to think this too but it’s crap. they still try and convince me they r telepathic but i just don’t believe in their crap anymore. ull get there eventually, just like i did. after 14 years of being told that i’m telepathic and it seemingly not affecting the real people’s lives, one iota, i just don’t believe in it anymore. it doesn’t stop the voices but it does change ur mindset completely, knowing that ur talking to splinters of ur own personality. it’s a very interesting concept in fact. i belive it’s just a form of multiple personality disorder, not fully fledged. that’s my idea of what ur suffering, for what it’s worth. always here if u need a chat hunni. xxx

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How to stop intrusive thoughts?
Wish I knew how! They come and go as they please.