Creatine Supplement: It works for my sz symptoms

I used to be a full time athlete and body builder (for athleticism not appearances), and I used to take a few supplements. The organic supplements are good protein, creatine, coffee.

I then stopped taking them because I changed lifestyle. During the days I was athletic over 10 years ago, and for the last 10 years I was dealing with the sz battle in every way except that I wasn’t someone who didn’t know that I had sz. I was well aware that I had something wrong, and I kept persevering in occupation and aptitude development.

Back then the creatine didn’t do anything for me except give me a boost when it came to lifting weights and athletic maneuvers on the field. It’s assists the ATP energy cycle in the muscles.

I don’t know if my sz was just so bad back then that I could tell, but now my sz is very, very good relatively speaking. It’s still kind of emotional and mildly “voices” involved with mild paradigmological delusion, but I’m always aware and balancing it out consciously.

------I tried creatine in my workouts, and it balanced me out automatically. This blew my mind, and at first I thought it was too good to be true. There is a huge difference between not taking it once a day and missing it just one day. I get all kinds of emotional control, confidence, and calculatory aptitudes that I normally don’t get without it.

I have to say that this might not work for everyone. I’m very athletic as I’ve been picking up with this slowly at first since last spring time. I had sat down to research on the computer full time day and night 7 days a week for 5 years, so my body atrophied very badly. I’m half way “there” so to speak since I began getting back in shape since last spring. I do train and workout regimens virtually every day for 4-6 hours.

I have a solid, organic diet. It’s actually a specialty diet that leans towards the brain most of all. I’m also an anthropology, mindology, and informationology researcher. I do a lot of writing and discussion on the subjects with most of my time for many years now.

I have a hunch that if I were the same sz I was before becoming a researcher and athlete, the creatine wouldn’t hurt me, but it might just make a “crazy wheel” go faster so to speak. But because of my daily routines and understanding to make “the wheel” go faster with Creatine improves my cognitive function.

I do experience “bulk cognition” increases. I’m normally very anthrophobic (panic with humans), but that’s all changed due to the combination of knowledgeable awareness of my mindology in combination with proprioceptive activity and the Creatine. I’m telling you what I think.

My theory is that the knowledge and physical activity combs out the informationous confusions about what thoughts, feelings, and sense of my own body mean vs. what they don’t mean. So it’s the practice of categorizing the things in my mind correctly. When I don’t, my brain tends to categorize mental informations and signals as what they really aren’t, thus it slips into delusions and strangeness.

This practice of constantly pulling myself up on the “logical tracks” coupled with the creatine’s ATP assist not only in the muscles but in the brain as well seems not only to make me “stay on the logical tracks,” so to speak, but to “carry me down the tracks” with amplitudes of proficiency that I’ve never experienced in my life before.

I should say that the cognitive benefits and emotional balancing is very comparable to my years before I was sz when I was a teenager.

It makes doing activities around people amazing rather than scary and something I’d rather find any excuse not to do which I usually do…until recently.

Absolutely however if I did not have a very thorough understanding of myself and others mindologically, I wouldn’t enjoy it at all. But since I do, it is amazing, functional, and something that I look forward to…all being very much something that is not the norm for me for 20 years now as an sz.

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If I remember right, Creatine is hard on the kidneys :tropical_fish::tropical_fish::tropical_fish:

If the kindeys already have problems. It’s the most researched supplement there is going back to the 1970’s.

The body makes creatine, and it’s in food that we eat.

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Unfortunately there’s no research that says it does anything for schizophrenia. But if you feel it’s helping you that’s good :+1:

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The people in the weightlifting field usually say that the creatine boosts there IQ. I can attest to that.

I like the article. It says exactly what I was hypothesizing based on the effects I experience.

It’s more energy, more motivation, stamina both physically and mentally. Motivation is the key word. Also when I’m normally ready for myself to fail, I don’t fail. There’s a kind of learning or self acclimation to it there.

It’s something that causes cells to retain water. The water in us is carrying all of the “article parts” for cell processes.

I noticed it helps joints as it would be retaining water in the joint tissues.

All around a must have especially for thinking, motivation, feeling well with people, and ENERGY. :+1:

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