*)Bodie ^ & ^ Mynde(*

S0 , There Was Thus Lucid Dream I Had , Which I Believe Is Jus A Step Away From A " out of body experience " and Such Whatevas , So In Tha Dream , SHHH , Ok , So Within Tha Dream I Started Counting Myself Blinking , I Would Blink Quickly , and BLINK BLINK , 1 , 2 , Blink , 1 , Blink Blink Blink , 1 , 2 , 3 , I Couldn’t Stop Counting Tha Blinking , and THEN , I Noticed Myself Breathing , and As I Was Counting Tha Blinking ,My Subconsious Would Try and Subtract Tha Numbers Of Tha Blinking With Thee Soft Up and Down Of Tha Breathing , BLINK BLINK ----- BLINK , Slow … , Up and Down Breathing , Numbers On Everything I Was Instinctually Doing … and I Couldn’t Get Out Of It , NOTHING I Could Think Of Within Tha Dream Could Erase Tha Birthing Knowledge Of Knowing I Was A Caged Animal Within Tha “freedom” Of Thus Dream … BLINK BLINK (!!!) , Breathing … , In n Out , In n Out , In n Out , So How Does One Escape From Such A Reality Of Being Trapped Within Life (???) ,

No (?) ,

Whateva’s ,

Not Really Thunkun Such and Such Thus ,

N E Hoo …

Moved to Unusual Beliefs.

@sleepoptimistic, your thoughts appear very jumbled this week. Are you going to be seeing your doctor soon? If not, perhaps you should arrange to?

(Wearing moderator hat)

Actually When I Typed That I Jus Woke Up So I Was A Tad Bit Groggy ,

But Yes I Have A Plan TO See My Doctor Very Soon ,


I Am Feeling Great ,

Eating Healthy As Shazzle ,

and Feeling Positive About My Present and Future and Every Moment In Between ,

Thanks For Your Concern ,

You Guys Are Awesome (!!!)

Anyone In Thus Community Lyke PARAMORE (???) ,

OR Perhaps Even Thus V(Y)D (???)



No (?) ,

Ok Well , I Lyke Her ,

Here’s A V(Y)D Fur Tha Ladies