Blonde brunette & redhead

A blonde, a brunette, and a red headed mother are talking about their daughters. The brunette tells them, “I found cigarettes in my daughter’s room, I can’t believe she smokes!”

The read head said “I know, I found some beer in my daughter’s room. I couldn’t believe it!”

The blonde says “That’s nothing! I found condoms in my daughter’s room. I never knew she had a peni$!”

in everyones vast experiences, is there any truth to the blonds arent as smart myth?


Reportedly, Marilyn Monroe was actually very intelligent and shrewd in real life. But onscreen she was one of the women who helped perpetuate the stereotype thats says blondes are dumb. Jayne Mansfield was another.

@77nick77, she wasn’t a true blond. She had light brown hair & bleached it. Plus she lowered her voice & did the whisper talk on purpose, to be sexy. She was miserable in real life, had addiction issues, severe depression & yes, she was very intelligent. But definitely not a real blond.@Reggie i doing think it’s a myth. Blonds aren’t just not as bright & there are studies to back that up. They statistically have lower IQ’s, less attend college, etc…

Look at Madonna. I think it was in Time magazine I saw that her IQ was 140.

How do you kill a blond??

Put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of the pool!!d

Hahaha, always liked that one!!

Id say in just the blonds that i have met personally, i would mark them just below average, ive met far more dumb brunettes than anything. I have to say red heads are smarter because my wife is a redhead and shooting for some brownie points!!! Lol

Again, not a true blond. She bleaches her hair. She is a brunette.

Um I think you’ll find that hair colour does not correlate with intelligence.


I stand corrected.

A simple google search will tell you that intelligence has nothing to do with hair color.


Really? And what studies would those be? :rolling_eyes:

I’ll pull them up & post the links for you. I believe one was done by Harvard

You rock for not coming back with a snide response! I love you for that! :kiss::revolving_hearts::kiss:

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Yeah, please do that.

I’m a natural blonde, ironically I’m also incredibly dumb.
This is the second ‘dumb blonde’ thread I’ve commented on. What…?

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When I was a kid I had platinum blonde hair. Is pretty much mousey brown now :thinking:

a lot of blondes are just brunettes in disguise… I know a couple of them… hella deceptive…

I doubt their is any truth to it, probably comes from so many of the herd being attracted to blondes and so many die their hair blonde.

Of course I’m bald so no doubt I am of Superior Intelligence :scream:


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