Who is the Dumbest on this Forum

Count the votes and that’s no joke.

This is nothing more than an attempt to dump on somebody. If you want to know who the dumbest is look in the mirror.

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I vote me! I mean, I’m technically smart, but I’m also very, very stupid.

I have had some pretty dumb blonde moments i my life

Thank you very much.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

The truly dumb blonds are the ones who dye their hair.

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In some ways I might be. I’m woefully lacking in the common sense/practical area of things.

There are many different levels of intelligence. You may lack in some and excel in others. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has no intelligence at all.

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That’s why I said “In some ways”. Most people have very uniform abilities, but there’s a relatively small percentage of us that don’t .

Lol I think this is just a humorous post jokingly rivaling the “most intelligent” thread.


Well no one picked me on the intelligent thread so I wanted to make one where I’d be included.


Sir, I have no doubt that you are incredibly intelligent. Such a thread is somewhat of a popularity contest; if people don’t see your posts, they can’t recognize any of your intelligence.

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I would say without a doubt, I’m the dumbest one on the site, because when they asked me to mod, I said yes.


Closing these by popular demand.

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