Blaming mass shootings on mental illness leads to stigma, experts warn


It pisses me off to the MAXIMUM when they do that‼️I seen the same thing

This has been all over the news in the U.S. as well.

Hopefully, this drives the conversation in the right direction and helps educate the general public about the unfair stigma against the mentally ill.


There are about one million persons in the U.S. that have serious mental illness, and 40% to 50% are untreated.
Trump is probably addressing his concern concerning that 40 to 50%. Surely, the vast majority of those being treated are not more dangerous compared to the general public, but I also have concerns about that sub-group.

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Their arguements are always “well if you murder x amount of people you have to be mentally ill”

I don’t know how to respond. These people that argue have already made up their minds.

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Where are you getting those stats?

They do it to make people afraid. Fearful people watch the news more and ratings go up. When $hit like this happens the network exec’s have wet dreams over all the advertising money about to pour in. It’s all bull$hit folks, it’s all bull$hit and it’s bad for ya.


Have you seen the videos of the people running from a backfiring motorbike in New York?

Not yet, but I’m sure they thought it was gun fire. Reminds me of the scene in uncle buck, where he goes to pick up his niece at her school and the car backfires. Everyone hit the deck…


I found the video for you.


They don’t want to blame the real problem which is guns so they blame the violence on us, the scapegoats.
We are easy targets.


People are panicked atm. Won’t take much to set them off. I’ve thought this might happen at the upcoming concert I’m supposed to go to. But I haven’t seen this band in years and I’m not going to let fear run my life.


You can shoot other people without having mental illness. People do it at war all the time. 90% of the shooters we have had are just non-mentally ill people abusing the ease of access that Americans have to guns. I also get really pissed when certain news channels blame violent video games instead of guns themselves, that’s such horse crap.


E. Fuller Torrey

I’d say it’s more like 15% who’ve never seen a doctor and like 30% aren’t compliscant on meds or on and off.

It makes me sad to hear people saying these horrible things and it makes it worse if it’s not true… Mental illness does NOT equal dangerous mental illness equals needing help not prosecution!

Remember it’s only 1 % of the population.

What the heck.
This is racial discrimination/violence, not a ■■■■■■■ mental illness.


The majority of mass shooters are not mentally ill.

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Why dont we blame cars everytime someone runs over a group of pedestrians in a terror attack? Why didnt we blame the fertilizer for Tim McVeigh and Oklahoma city?

There is something else going on that is resulting in a social change. The value of human life is being diminished. Banning guns wont fix that. Unless you also want to ban u-hauls, cars, big trucks, fertilizer, and any other potential form of mass killings. Let’s ban airplanes while we are at it.

Saying “it’s the guns fault” ignores the heart of the problem.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t do more thorough background checks, and Im even in favor of red flag laws if done correctly.

All of these attacks are planned out. Its not like someone decides one minute that they are going to attack and they’re doing it within the hour. Most of the criminals in these attacks give off warning sign after warning sign, and people dont take the time to notice or dont report it. Virginia Tech shooter comes to mind specifically.

Dont you find it odd that we can take someone’s rights away if they are suicidal, but we cant if they are giving off major warning signs that they intend to be violent?

The biggest solution is education. Teach people the warning signs, and when we see these warning signs we should be able to do something about it. Right now law enforcement’s hands are tied, they cant do much but observe, and that needs to change.