I'm tired of the mentally ill being blamed for the mass shootings

Mentally ill including schizophrenics are usually more prone to hurting themselves than being the scapegoat for the mass shootings…mean people are the ones that kill and I’m sick of taking the blame for ■■■■■■■■■■ stigma.


Has there been another mass shooting in usa ?

  1. The vast majority of severely mentally ill people are not violent .

  2. Most acts of violence are not by the severely mentally ill

  3. A higher % of people with severe mental illness have committed acts of violence than have people without a mental illness.


@firemonkey you trying to pick a fight with number 3? I don’t believe that severe or not severe mentally ill people commit acts of violence…

Your not alone on this topic… It will get better someday I hope and pray…


Not exactly a mass shooting but earlier I read a report of a shooting in Washington D.C. one dead 5 wounded all the wounded are expected to survive thankfully.

Some research here.

Yeah, sadly that is a major reason why psychiatrists don’t ween people with certain mental illness(es) off of medication. The fear that an unmedicated patient will act violently. I’m sure people would blame the psychiatrist treating such a patient.

I had a chance and I blew it. I didn’t get violent but I ended up hospitalized for being out of touch with reality. Hell, admittedly some of the thoughts I was experiencing were completely out of whack. I’m embarrassed to say some thoughts included an imaginary scenario in which an ex girlfriend was riding with an old friend on their way to visit me but ended up staying at a hotel, doing drugs and sleeping together. I never mentioned it those thoughts to anyone but they left me out of whack. Another was that archons (celestial Angel like beings) were guiding me. Not exactly normal. Just to give a few examples of what led to that hospitalization.

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I’m tired of the mentally ill people being blamed for psychopaths. It gets more complicated than this…

asdfhasjdhfjashdf I’m with you on this one.

Most mentally ill people are not violent, the few that are give the rest of us a bad stigma.


I think it’s important to draw a distinction between people who momentarily lose control and hit someone while panicking, and someone who plans out and then commits a mass shooting. Yes, SOME mentally ill people lose touch with reality and lash out. And that contributes to the SLIGHTLY elevated rates of violent crime amongst the mentally ill population. But that type of violence is not really violence so much as aggression. Violence implies a desire to cause pain. Most of the ill people who lash out are just panicking and feeling threatened.

I think pretending no mentally ill people ever lash out does a disservice to the ones who have. It makes them feel irredeemable and undeserving of support. If you’ve ever hurt someone during an episode, it’s important to take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. It’s important to apologize, and do everything in your power to make things right. But it does NOT make you as bad as a mass shooter.


That’s very true. I’ve not physically lashed out at anyone , but when frightened and stressed have become verbally very aggressive and giving the impression I’m not far off hitting someone .


I’ve said some pretty scary things when I was psychotic, but there was no chance I would have done what I said I was going to. That business of trying to scare people away with your words nearly always backfires. If you threaten violence just a little bit they take it very seriously. A police car shows up, and they usually take you to the mental hospital, though I think that if you engaged in real violence they would take you to prison.

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If you’re already in hospital two nurses built like brick ■■■■ houses frog march you to the closed ward .

Yea aggressive behaviour may happen after all we could be totally deluded to believe something very unusual I know of someone who punched people and he thought he was punching the devil out of them or something I can’t remember properly also I bit someone. When the world around u changes completely then so could ur behaviour.

Many humans are capable of violence, yes that includes the mentally ill. That doesn’t mean violence is caused by mental illness, it just means that there are violent people who have mental illness. There are also many more violent people who dont have a mental illness.

The mentally ill are more likely to be victims, but to say that the mentally ill dont commit acts of violence is just not true. I can give plenty of examples if you want, but I’d prefer not to go down that rabbit hole.

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@Have_Hope I guess I didn’t mean to say we mentally ill don’t commit acts of violence I am mainly talking about the mass shooters. those bastards are just mean, without conscience.

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We’re always the scapegoat!

Some of the news stations blame violent video games whenever a mass shooting happens. As opposed to blaming the guns themselves, that is. That always gets me angry because I love my violent video games yet I have this amazing ability to tell right from wrong, can you imagine that? It allows me the clarity of thought to realize I can be a soldier on a video game without ever owning or firing a gun (I refuse to do it, even at a firing range or in the woods).

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