Birthday/ Valentines Day

Well i changed my mind about getting a mini fridge for my room, first of all i really do not have the room for it, second of all i really need so many other things, that it is not important right now.
So, i decided i am going to take my birthday, /Valentines day money and go shopping for myself. I need clothes and underclothes really badly. I have 1 bra that fits, and i need socks without holes, and i deserve some pretty clothes. If i have enough i may even get myself a pretty purse (real leather of course). I like to shop at JC Penney for good sales on stuff , it is a long bus ride, but they have good sales for the holiday, so i am all exited now. I am just waiting for the ads to come out and see who has what i want. I spent a lot of money on my boyfriend for his birthday, so i do not feel bad taking his money that his family is sending him.


Don’t underestimate the charity op shops. You can get a lot of bang for your buck and a great selection of womens clothing. It can be a great adventure in itself and you get a great sense of helping out some of the charities.


Yeah, it’s good to treat yourself occasionally. And it’s good to go outside.

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Thank you @77nick77, I get out very little, mostly because we only get 54 dollars a month to live off of living in an assisted living facility, and also because it is very painful for me to walk more than a block because of my back and leg. I was thinking today though, that the surgeon that did the surgery said it would take up to a year for me to feel full relief from the surgery, i had 5 hours of major surgery on my spine. But the other day i had an appointment and i noticed that i was feeling less pain than usual, and i am hoping this is the healing process, and not just a good day. The mornings for me are hell, until my pain meds kick in, that is the norm for me and it has not changed, but the difference can also be that he added klonopin to relieve the pain, it is also used as a pain blocker.
I am contemplating adding some walking a few times aweek, even if it is only for a block or two just to build up my strength and see if i can tolerate the pain a little better. When i go shopping for my birthday, we are going to a big mall, and it will be a lot of walking, so i hope i can handle it.

I’m sorry about your problems with pain. I hope your back heals.

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