Bioavailability of benztropine

I take benztropine for akathasia with my Latuda. When I take the Latuda then the benztropine I still have akathasia. I noticed when I drink a lot of fluids with my meds. I don’t have akathasia. I think the fluids are accelerating my gastric emptying rates allowing me to get the drugs quicker.

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One option is to look into Tmax and Cmax of your medications. They are related, basically the time it takes for your mediation to reach maximum concentration in your blood.

Latuda has a Tmax of 1-3 hours, so that is how long it takes to reach maximum concentration in your blood after you take it. Since everyone is different you’ll have to figure out what it is for yourself, one sign may be how long it is after taking your Latuda that the Akathasia kicks ins.

Benztropine, I couldn’t find the tmax of this online but drugbank,com says peak concentration happens after 7 hours.

One thing you could try is timing up your meds so the Benztropine reaches Cmax at the same time as the Latuda, see if that helps. I don’t know if this will work for you but you could try it a few times, figure it out for yourself and see if it works.

This is what I do with my sleep meds. Zopliclone kicks in faster than Gabapentin, so I take my Gabapentin about an hour before my Zopilcone so they both reach maximum concentrations in my blood (Cmax) at the same time (Tmax) and that helps me fall and stay asleep.

I’m also on Latuda but I don’t have akathasia I don’t think. I did have some kind of problem where an hour after taking it I would be lying in my bed suffering, I was agitated and didn’t feel good, sweating, it was torture. I solved the problem by cutting my tablet in half. I take half with breakfast and half with dinner, my pdoc was find with this and I haven’t had a problem since. My body can’t handle 60mg all at once, but 30mg twice a day was no problem. You could try that as well. Otherwise Latuda has been the best med I have been on psych wise.

Thanks for the info!!!

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