Back to Latuda?

I had more emotions on Latuda than now with Risperdal. I think I can live with Latuda’s side effects, nausea, vomiting and akathisia causing insomnia. I can take an antinausea pill with my Latuda to prevent vomiting and nausea. And Benztropine for akathisia.

How do you guys take Benztropine? When needed or at a fixed time? How long its effects last? Should I take it same time as my meds?

Aren’t you doing well on Risperdal?
Why mess up a good thing?

Is Latuda potent enough to stave off positive symptoms?

No its not, I had paranoia from the news my dad watches. My positives are better with Risperdal but I am tired of negative symptoms. My psychiatrist doesn’t want to change my meds anymore.

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Negative symptoms doesn’t exist lol

I get it, you don’t believe in medicine.

Ignore him, he’s a troll

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My main problem with benztropine was the dry mouth. I easily burned my tongue.

@Aziz can your doctor maybe give you a combo of Risperdal and Latuda?

I may do this.

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Well I take benztropine for perphenazine Wich is an older drug. Let your pdoc know what’s going on.

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I need to accept my sz and that I am already at my best, I just have a hard time with that.

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