Bingeing and schizophrenia and eating disorder and history of severe bulimia

Just got a couple of concerns around this
Need to get back on the depot as a precaution if I don’t stop acting weirdly

Have you talked to someone about this? does your therapist know?

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I’d be concerned too… I hope you get to talk to your doc.

Good luck and I hope things calm down for you soon.

I’m glad your keeping an eye on your health.

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I went on binging then purching bouts for about ten years before this was recognised. It starting out as throwing up for weight control. It then developed into a big problem of going on huge shopping sprees for chocolate etc then throwing it all up.

For me I think it was a problem with impulse control (I still pull out hairs).

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I’ve mentioned to my CPN that I want to go back on the depot
It’s in a few weeks time though
So I just hope I can stop bingeing
I’ve not been throwing up, just having so much food that if I was a little more unwell (bit shakey last few days ) I’d be worried


I hated the depot but it has a lower relapse rate
With me not really being stress free I think I need all the help I can get

Yes, I relate
Sorry it’s been that bad for you I’ve only spent a few months here and there being seriously unwell with this
Impulse control sounds familiar x

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