Binaural beats to experience altered states of consciousness

Have any of you tried this? Right now I am listening to one that is supposed to create euphoria. I felt so numb and dull witted I thought it might help.

I Fynde Binural Beats Pretty Cool ,


Check Out (((FIELD RECORDING’s))) ,

I Am Unaware If You Can Fynde Thaz On Youtube ,

But Id Maye Bee Somewhere Else Online …

Good Luck (!)

VENOM Is Awesome (by)-(the)-(way) …

I am 19 minutes in and I am starting to feel much more normal psychologically. I feel more emotion, and it is positive emotion to boot.

Iv’e Never Felt “positive emotion” Before Frum MUSIC ,

But I Do Fynde A Sense Of Release From Boring/stoops Reality ,

and Thus Reality I Am FeelinG Now Is You Ignoring Tha VENOM Nonsense I Said ,

Because I Used To L.O.V.E. Reading SPIDERMAN Comics As A Kid ,

They Use To Sell Comics In Grocery Stores ,

Pretty Cool Huh (?)

The picture of venom is an analogy for the relationship I have with my entity. It kind of reminds me of symbiot.

Your “entity” (?) .

So You Have A “multiple personality disorder” (???) .

No, the paranormal being I am in telepathic connection with.

Ok ,

S0 If e(Y)e Understand Correctly ,

You Hear 1 Voice (From Another Realm) . (?)

It is more than just a voice. It can also make movements through my body and project thoughts and emotions beyond the confines of language.

That Is Slightly Interesting ,

The Body Movement Spoken Of ,

I Once Felt Like A Recording Tapeworm Was Inside Of The Center Of My Tongue ,

and As It Moved It Was Tha Worm Waiting For More Cigarette SMOKE ,

Sexy huh (???) .

I did transcendental meditation for a while. Its promoters made extravagant claims for its effectiveness, but it is pretty effective relaxation therapy. For a while I was going to AA, drinking very little coffee, doing moderate exercise, and doing transcendental meditation. My grades at school were much better during this period. When I fell off the wagon things went to pot.

I think binaural beats are a load of poop. They’ve never worked for me for anything. Make relaxing background noise though.