Binural Beats Can Help!

I just wanted to tell all of those who may be suffering with schizophrenia that binaural beats does help. The ones that are made for spiritual cleansing and healing. They are free and downloadable on youtube. And you can also find them on various sites throughout the web. I do not have schizophrenia. Well at least I do not acknowledge it as schizophrenia. What I have is different. I am being attacked spiritually. The person, or persons who are attacking me are trying to destroy my life. They are murdering me through spirit. They tried to murder me physically through spirit. They are trying to keep me from prospering in life. And are constantly attacking at my body to keep me from working, and from going to school. I guess they believe that they have something to gain out of it. But I am not at all fooled by their gain. Because nothing good can come out of hurting people. Especially through spirit.
But I have love for all of my fellow man. That is why I felt that I would take time out of my BUSY SCHEDULE to come down here and share this with you. If I find the ultimate healing remedy for schizophrenia I will tell it to the whole world.
I believe healing is in developing a spectrum that is strong enough to fight off negative forces. Like the spectrum that surrounds the earth. But how do I get to the level of the mind to create a spectrum.

Are you taking any meds?

This is horseshit.

They’ve been proven to have real world effects

but they also have warnings for schizophrenia…

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