Big changes on the horizon

My husband has made a career decision that he feels is the best move to make at this point.

He’s probably right.

So we’re moving.

Like soon.

Very, very soon.

This forum has seen me through a couple moves and some may recall how equipped I am to cope with that stress.

For those who don’t know, I can’t handle it.

The very thought makes me sweaty and panicky.

But this is not a passing thought.

It’s going to happen.

Like it’s happening now.


Where are you headed?

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Washington State.

Northern Washington State.


I wish you and your husband all the best
Washington is a beautiful State


Good luck. I hope you can find enough boxes and stuff on short notice.


We’re hiring a moving company.

They’ll provide boxes and pack everything.

Last move we promised ourselves we’d get movers from then on.

But you’re right, if we didn’t have them, it would be a major concern.


That’s a stupendous move. I think getting out of California is always a good idea lol. That’s just my perspective on it given my own experiences.


Wishing you and your husband a stress free move and that you will be happy in your new home.:pray:t4:

Moving company to help you is good idea.


I agree.

We’re actually looking to buy a house after living in an airbnb for a couple months.

Something we’d never be able to do here.

And the houses come with actual property!

What a concept.


well cool…now you will have a brand new house to think haunted…ha

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Very, very true.

You know, I was looking at houses and was soooo attracted to this one fixer-upper,

It was in good shape, but would need new floors and paint.

The house wasn’t crazy nice or special at all.

I researched it and found out that the original structure was an old sanitarium.

We’re obviously not buying that house, but I swear, the haunted houses call to me.


Nice, I miss it out there.

Wishing you the least stress possible during this time and good luck to your husband and his new job (or whatever you would call it)

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yeah, maybe I’ll come visit lol

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Wow, this is big news.

I hope everything turns out ok. I’m sure it will.

Congratulations on the move!


I’m so glad you outsourced a moving company. This sounds like such an exciting move. Good luck!


Take all of your valuables and sentimental items and move them first on your own. That way they won’t get pinched by some mover thief.


I visited Washington when I was a kid. I remember loving the San Juan islands and mount raineer. I wasn’t really into Seattle.

Good luck with your move and in finding a non-haunted house!

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I hope everything goes well for you!

My husband is in love with Oregon and southern Washington. He wants to retire in a small city called Richland. It’s particularly advantageous for doing the rail photography he loves with his friends.

Hope you love the new area!

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