I have to move soon and it's stressing me out

Our landlord has decided to sell the house we live in and has given us sixty days to move.

Immediately upon hearing this news I felt sick.

I don’t love this house, but moving is so stressful.

Trying to find a new place now.

Got lots of places to call tomorrow.

This is just such bad timing,

I guess it’s never a good time to move.

I’m so stressed.

Oy vey.


Ooofff. That happened to me back in April of last year. Sorry that it’s happening to you too :frowning:

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I’m sorry. That is stressful. Any chance you can buy a place?

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Not in this amount of time.

I’m not trying to find our dream home right now,

I just want a place.

Maybe somewhere where we can save a little money and have enough for a down payment on a house in a little while.


Maybe you can buy the place yourself?

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The landlord offered that and we’re not interested in buying this place.

It costs almost a million dollars and it’s a weird ass house.

No chance of that.


Understand that… Hope you find a new place soon

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It’s ok @anon54386108
I know moving can be stressful but hopefully you’ll find a suitable place soon.

Best of luck to you and your husband.


That sucks. You gotta hunker down though and embrace all it entails.

Because you need to pick your next abode; you don’t want it picking you.

Treating this way will maximize happiness in the long run.

Lastly do what I say, not what I do(if you catch that drift)!!

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a million dollar house you stay in??

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This is California,

They are all million dollar houses.

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well you are so wealthy I bet?? good for you…

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A weird house? Is it haunted?

Sorry you have to move. I hope you have luck finding a new place. Find any you like yet?

We’d be rich if we didn’t live in California,

We’re pretty much average around here.

@Rabbit_Farmer, it’s a weird house because it has two additions to it.

The floorplan is just odd, you know?


Can you move 20-30 miles to the east? Rent a house for less money, be able to save, and maybe buy your own house one day if that’s what you want.

I want to do exactly that.

But my husband doesn’t want to move away from the coast,

He’s blaming crime rates.

I don’t think it’s true.

Hopefully we can come to some sort of compromise.

I’d really like to save some money if we can without getting murdered.


When you start packing, don’t forget to label the boxes. Good luck to you, @anon54386108

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“Mistakes I’ve made at one time or another while moving”.

Number one: Waiting until last minute.
Procrastinating on looking at new places. Waiting until last minute to get boxes and pack.

Number two: Waiting too long to cancel utilities and not planning ahead to get new utility service set up in new place. Same with internet service and phone.

Number three: Renting a moving van from U-Haul in a timely manner. Coordinate the move. If you’re hiring movers do it with enough time ahead. If you are moving yourself or having friends and family help you then coordinate with everybody and make sure there’s no confusion over time and places.

These may seem trivial but they can add to your stress if not done properly.


I think I read once that the three most very stressful times in your life are…

  1. A death in the family

  2. A Divorce

  3. Moving

Good luck to you. You’ll feel better once you are settled in your new digs.

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Ugh! That’s not a lot of time to find a place. Hopefully you find something decent. I’m sorry about you having to move. That’s really stressful

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