I felt kind of bad

The old lady. I’m sitting in my car right now. About a half an hour ago an old lady was getting into her car right next to me. I looked at her because I meant to be friendly but she took it like I had bad intentions and I was trying to scare her. Well I rarely do this but I said to myself, “If she’s scared, then good.” And I kept looking at her and she got in her car and left.

Now, I do not go around scaring people for the most part and I’m an equal opportunity scarer because I live in a congested area and the teenagers like to drive crazy and the stupid old men in their little sports cars act so cool and high and mighty so if they piss me off am I’m prone to glaring at them.

So I do not make a habit of frightening the elderly. And I leave kids alone and I’m slowly working on being more tolerant of teenagers. I’m learning not to react in anger at every perceived slight. Kids are kids, and I grew up as a pretty good kid but I was certainly no angel in my teen years. So I have to cut other people slack when I drive. The old lady will be fine, she had a nice car and enough experience in life to handle one person acting like an ass.

This story you tell might be about power. There are little ways, like eye contact or staring. I am not good with power issues. For example I do not hold a good argument and I do not defend a position. I have almost zero capability of confronting another person. I am afraid of offending anyone.
You seem to be more immersed in the real world where there are invariably such power issues.
That’s my feeling tonight.

I assert myself but it’s not my strongest character trait. My biggest character trait right now is drinking too much soda.

Yeah, I get a healthy dose of the real world most of the time. People push me but my sister says to push back so that’s what I do.

Which do you like, an eye for an eye, or turn the other cheek?


Turn the other eye and just try to get along. But people make me mad.

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I get headaches.

Well to be serious I do a little of both.

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Me too. For most of the times, people just didn’t get it when you turned the other cheek.

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