Best purchases

what is your favourite thing to buy?

i like buying records :smiley:
it gives me a good reason to get out and go into town, they have a different selection of vinyl records every time i go and i like that, last one i got last week was a double album and it was american idiot by green day
i have been really getting into music bc the quality of music is really good right now :slight_smile:

i also like cream cakes x lol


There are some very cool old bookshops here in Seattle. They are all different from each other yet common with each other as well. All of them are in odd out of the way spaces usually near some funky coffee shop.

I love buying used books. I also love finding sheet music for the kid sis.

I think if I wouldn’t have crumbled so young due to SZ, and made it through college, I most likely would have become a librarian.

I’m glad your into vinyl. It makes me happy to see it coming back. I still have my record player and I too love going into the shop that sells only vinyl.

My favorite thing to buy is jewelry. I have ammased a pretty large collection over the years. One of my favorite pieces is a diamond cross necklace that I bought for both me and my best friend.

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I’m around too much garden machinery to ever be able to don the bling. But I used to carve and make rings, bracelets and earrings out of shells and polished sea glass for the kid. She still wears a lot of the stuff I made her. She likes stuff from the ocean. She’s also into pearls.

The shell and sea glass collection is getting pretty big again and I still have all the tools and wire and hooks… I think I have an idea for Christmas… :smiley:

Thanks again.


I used to make jewelry out of found beach objects too! I actually sold them on eBay for a while. It was a nice little business for me when I lived in Florida.

I think it’s awesome that you use your creativity and resources to make gifts for others. Those are always the best!



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i like libraries they are so quiet , and it sounds funny but i like that book smell, especially new books when you open one up for the first time, i find it comforting.
take care

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That is the best smell ever. It’s also accompanied by that slight creek and resistance of a binding that has never been stretched open. I love a new book. I love the smell of older books too. I try and figure out what the previous owner was like based on the condition of the book.

I always consider it a bonus if I get a mystery or sci-fi that has a hint of pipe smoke or wood smoke. I picture the book being read near a cozy fire on a dreary afternoon.

i like to be in a library and know that there is no way i’m ever going to read all these books ,that there is all this knowledge , all this descriptive beauty, all these worlds that people have created. it gives me comfort that there are thinking people co-habiting this world with me with vocabularies that i can only dream of.
when i have had to go to a wedding , which for any sz is a nightmare ,i always find the library in the old stately home and sit there some how absorbing all the books.
take care

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i bought a toyota celica sports car this year 00’ for 2000euro, i really look after it, i wash it and clean it twice a week, make sure its topped up with oil also. i have got many admires saying its a nice car i like the attention it brings, i passed my driving test and have a full drivers lience so to insure it and tax it is not that expensive, it’s my own toy…:slight_smile:

What a great idea. What a weight off my mind… I accepted the task of being best man at one of my favorite cousin’s weddings coming up in 5 months. I’m not worried about the actual wedding. That is going to be small and very family only. The reception however is the big bash blow out. He and his new bride are totally fine with me cutting out if it gets too much. The Reception is going to be at an old posh club in the historic section of Seattle. The Rainier Club, built in the 20’s. I used to work there as a janitor. I know that place has a huge old library. I can decompress there. Thank you for that idea.

My best purchase is when I have a good deal. I love when I save money and i know i got a good deal on it. :slight_smile: