Do you buy new or used clothes

I buy always used clothes, except my underwear and socks, we have many flea markets in my little town and some religious flea markets are best, they get all kinds of donations such as clothes and their prices are quite low. For example, a leather jacket may cost five (5) euros and pants just one euro, very cheap. I do not remember when I purchased new clothes last time.


I love buying used books. In fact second hand bookstores are my favourite.


I used to buy leather jacket in belgium with 20euros i was for my wife but she didn t wear it

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New and used. Right now I just love buying one of a kind pieces of clothing, not jeans and pants in general, but shirts and jackets and sweaters :slight_smile:


We have the recycling location for used books at our library, basically people can bring their used books to this location and other people can get these books without any cost. Just today I got one Finnish book ‘Every man’s world history’, 1944. Used books are very cheap here were I am, these may cost at flea markets just .0.2-0.5 euros, basically nothing. One store was selling old Donald Ducks, 100 Donald Ducks for 5 euros.


Both. But my mom usually buy me new stuff. I hate buying cloths.

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I like old leather jackets, because these last long, back in August 1987 (29 years ago) I was in London and I got one leather jacket at one outdoor flea market, this jacket lasted until 1997, 10 years, and then I got a new leather jacket in Atlanta.


I only buy new clothes if I can’t find what I want at op shops

Only just started losing weight. Was buying at specialized clothing stores, expensive wasn’t the word.

The op shops are great for women’s clothes not so great for men’s. Still the odd good buy in that area though.
Losing weight I’m off the rack at K-mart. (Presumes that the same Wal-Mart in the US). brought an awesome pair of Jeans for like $20.00. Most comfortable thing I own tbh. Was costing me like $80.00 in the specialty stores. Give me style over some stupid brand name any day.

I once purchased jeans for one (1) euro, I have been wearing these jeans very often, a great purchase.

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Used and new. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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There is nothing so nice as buying an armload of pre-loved books, and finding someone’s scribbles or forgotten mementos inside. Or just finding a new old book to love.


I despise clothes shopping. I buy everything (except socks and undergarments) at the Goodwill, because it’s small and often mostly empty, because it’s cheap, because I won’t wind up wearing the same Walmart garbage that every other person around me wears… and also because I sometimes happen upon amazing finds…

Once I found a pair of slip-on flats with a huge watermelon print on them. I didn’t buy them, and I regret it. They were wild.

Once I found a nice grey suit coat. Someone had top-stitched a herringbone pattern over the entire thing in neon green thread, and attached a large, floppy red fake flower to the lapel. I called it my Hobo Jester coat. Loved that thing.

Sometimes B will get me a new hoodie or a sweatshirt from the department store… and I appreciate it but…

Really nicely put

I buy used too - just selective about the mall brand stuff in great shape.

US has discount clothing stores. These are my second choice.

Wash in cold and hang dry, most lasts long time.

I shop thrify. Goodwill, Amvets…local resale.

I love the thrill of a great thrift store find.

I just buy work clothes, I don’t go out at all so I buy new cause it something I wear out fast, my work is dirty and rough on clothes. It is my own business, so I have to look as professional as I can.

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I love flea markets and the charity shop :blush:v


we often go to salvation army, they have a deal where you can buy a bag full of clothes as much as will fit for 5 dollars.