Do you collect anything? knick knacks, books, etc

I haven’t collected action figures in a long time. Got an R2D2 figure about six months ago. I have a Lord of the Rings “ent” and Lord Sauron, both who speak, and a Jimmy Page and Slash figure too. One more Gene Simmons doll playing the bass. I have assorted Beatles picks and KISS playing cards that I sit and gaze at when I need some cheering up. Does anyone else collect anything that cheers them up?

I own over 200 CD’s.


I collect books, as I love reading. My personal library gets bigger and bigger. Then there’s the weird, don’t-know-why-I-do-it collections of olive and date pits! Maybe I thought I’d plant a tree, but I have nowhere to put it. :smile:


I collect books as I read them, and then when I have 100 or so I make a donation to the library to make room for more.

On my tablet I have 2431 books a friend sent me on an SD card which he downloaded from Project Gutenberg.

Also on my tablet I collect music apps.

ok, this is odd, but hopefully good for a laugh.

I have collected place mats from every McDonalds in Europe, A small bit of toilet paper from each county as well…Switzerland had the worst!

and now for something really odd…I have a jar of finger/toe nail clippings of mine since I was 13.
I added others contributions as well, so there is a healthy dose of everyones DNA in case they want to clone us sometime in the future.

Is that weird?

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I get obsessive with stuff… and for me… collecting could soon turn into hoarding.

I do like books. I do like plants… So I do collect and trade plant seeds… or bulbs.

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I collect textbooks. I keep most of them. It’s a little weird. My favorite ones are in my room, my most frequently referred to one is on the coffee table- friends calling me when they have psychological issues happens rather frequently and I go to my abnormal psych textbook and brush up on what they showed symptoms of and then I get back to them. I like doing that. I aced that class’s exam in literally like fifteen minutes, I’m not kidding. I’ve had multiple disorders and know people with the ones I haven’t had, save for dissociative identity. That class was more like my life history featuring people I know. I gave a presentation by basically reading the project paper, which landed me an A- for that presentation, I just paraphrased my paper, then turned in the paper and got an A on it. It wasn’t cheating, it was just lazy, two other guys did it too. I ended up with an A in the class…like usual.

But yeah I also have a small collection of memoirs by famous mentally ill people and books on schizophrenia.

One night after some fire and brimstone Christians tried to convert me at lunch, I went through my psychology and scz books and memoirs and called them books from the bible. I held up “The Center Cannot Hold” and yelled “JESUS!”

Uh yeah and I have a lot of videos in my bookmarks, most of them not suitable for individuals under the age of 18, according to…■■■■ authority I’ve been watching that ■■■■ since I was like 12. Hey, at least I’m honest. A professor made a mistake grading a quiz last week and gave me an A when I actually got a B, I showed him the mistake and he said no one had ever done that before.

What am I saying? It’s bedtime. I’ve got things to do tomorrow…like tell my professor about my three thesis ideas, take a test, work legs, study for another test, go to a lab meeting and report my crap, ecetera.

This reminded me of arnold layne.

Arnie liked to collect things to.

I used to collect drumsticks for playing the drumsett. I got up two about, 50 different kinds or more.

I collect old medications - bottles and everything. I have a drawer filled with meds, dating back years ago

Think the last think I use to collect was figurines of wizards and dragons. Was getting a little experience plus was running out of room on the shelf I was using.

Not the most healthy of things to collect. Can I ask you to take them to your pdoc or nearest pharmacy to be destroyed. Would take my mind off worrying about you. Peace.

It is not intentional - Its just that over the years these meds accumulate - I take a lot of meds.
Why would you worry about me @Dreamscape?

At one time I collected Owl statues, but have no room for more.

I also collected DVDs that had sz people in them. I avoided the real snake pit movies and collected those with happy endings.

I’m just a big worry wort. You wouldn’t be the first to be collecting for a rainy day. ie exit plan - that’s all.

No, thanks @Dreamscape, but you do make a valid point - maybe I will hand the meds over to my father who could hide them away safely for me - just in case, I do ever get suicidal again

So why not get them destroyed? Extremely dangerous to just have hanging around. Small children thinking there just candy etc.

lol No they are safely set aside - hidden from view. Dont you have meds laying around your house?
Like in your bathroom cabinet? I mean I am not going to get paranoid about having meds in my house - I mean they were prescribed to me. My Klonopin is stored high up in a closet - also hidden from view

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When I used to live with my parents I collected 78 records and played them on a wind up portable Victrola I bought at the flea market for $25. I thought the old Edison records were pretty cool because they were a quarter inch thick.

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I used to collect pez dispensers when I was a kid. Lame, I know. I’m pretty sure I have every hello kitty and star wars dispenser they’ve come out with. Still pick some up occasionally when I see one I like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When I was a kid, I used to collect photos of celebries from various pre-teen mags. Not only did I have stacks of photos saved, I covered my wall with them Then when the Schizophrenia started I used to think they were talking to me and I took them off the wall, eventually discarding them in whole.

Now you could say I collect Kindle books and MP3 albums. I have 865 Kindle books, and over 440 in my kindle wish-list. Several I got for free from amazon. As for MP3 albums, have 1289 in my iTunes Library (that’s including single-song albums I created of songs that I only wanted one or two of and not full albums by the artist) and there are more I want too…I also have a large collection of DVD’s (I’d say over 300, if not very close to 300) and own several TV shows on DVD. It’s amazing how much things can accumulate over time.