Benefits of masturbation

For men it is important to satisfy sexual needs, maybe women too. It costs a lot if one is dating anybody. You must buy drinks, use gasoline, buy fancy dinners, buy gifts and so on just to get sex. However, if you masturbate, this is free and you can do it any time in your peace. It takes just few minutes me to satisfy sexual needs and it is safe, no condoms needed.


I love masturbating. What country are you located in? You’re not Japanese are you?

I am in Finland …

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Although I masturbate too but sex with a live human is different hugely from watching porn and masturbating, It’s totally another world, but my problem is that I only like to have sex with a human who is at first my friend or at least an acquaintance, I don’t like to use girls as sex machines, however because of my illness and mood changing I prefer not to socialize cause it can hurt feelings of that girl so the only way for me by now is masturbating.

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I only do it now to make it go away.

Sex with a human being is disgusting entirely.

And women are usually awful anyway.

i would go out there and get some. I myself think masturbation is often as satisfying as real sex, I have had enough real sex to say that. Real sex usually takes me too long to come, masturbating doesnt. Real sex is often tedious and hard work for me if its with a female- sex with men is not as tedious because its tighter. I prefer anal sex, even with females. My med make it hard to come unless the person is very tight.

dont give up on socializing- it pays off.


The average consumer says " Am I masturbating too much?"

The average person on the road to wellness says " Every chance I get "

I’d imagine most folks are in between both things…

A friend in the struggle,


I think this topic is disgusting and this isn’t the right place for it.

Szs are human too and have sexual needs, but szs are often unsocial, but szs must satisfy sexual needs. This is one of the most important topics in the mankind.


you are a sportsman, if it lasts too long so good for you and your partner, It seems that you only do hardcore, if you play with your partner about 30 min or more, kissing licking and … you will be prepared and will come soon, at least in my case it is so, good luck

It’s a reality and one of the problems of us Sz’s,

Finland is this liberal nation, one of my female relatives in her teens chose to become male and so she did, the world can also expect some homosexual mail from Finland in the next fall, the first time in the history of this planet. Also in Eurovision competion last year they exchanged some lesbian kisses and the world was surprised.

benefits of masturbation?

‘a stronger arm’

:muscle: lol


It has been studied that men who do not satisfy their sexual needs are more aggressive toward other people, because they have not released their internal energies, which is why this topic is highly important.

The more talk of this, the more I think that I’m recovering from some brain damage. That… in my brain, my hands, feet, legs and ■■■■■ are connected… on the same circuit.

I went through my over two year period of negative symptoms… I couldn’t really feel my hands, feet, legs or anything. I just couldn’t really feel where my feet were going. I tripped and stumbled a lot. I was always jamming my fingers and dropping stuff because I couldn’t really feel my hands. I didn’t even think about masturbation because I had no feeing or urge. I was celibate in every way.

My meds got changed and I was aware of my feet, hands, and legs… But I still didn’t masturbate because I wasn’t thinking about it. That urge in my brain was still asleep.

But little by little, my body has woken up… my entire body has woken up, and now I do have the urge. I do masturbate now and then.

But now that there is an urge and I’m not physically encased in negative symptom… there is a female in my life. It’s a friendship that has been slowly becoming more serious over these past 7 months and I enjoy my time with her much more then being alone.

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My local forensic unit takes long term patients to the sex shop to buy porn and masterbation aids etc. sexual health/satisfaction is a very important aspect of life.

In fact I am sure I read somewhere masturbation lowers the risk of testicular cancer.


If Julian Assange had masturbated instead of having sex with a woman in Sweden, he would be a free man and not trapped in the embassy of Ecuador in London. Another benefit is that no sexually transmitted diseases are spread if one masturbates. The masturbation is safe sex.