Being super sensitive to sunlight and heat

Since I took antipsychotics, I have become very sensitive to sun and heat. I easily got sun-burnt or sun-stroke. Once I stand under strong sunlight for more than 10 minutes, my face will turn red and I will get headache afterwards. Also I developed lots of warts on my back, legs and arms. I was worried about these ugly warts, thinking they might transform to skin cancers one day in future.

I was amazed that some of the members here could endure the summer sunlight very well because they work in the open air and are exposed to the sun all day long. Have they developed warts on their bodies?

Anti-psychotic medications do that to a lot of us. Before I was put on med’s I would walk all day in 100 degree weather and not think twice about it. Now I get in trouble if I walk three miles in 95 degree weather. Mowing the lawn is a lot harder. I hate that.

I have not developed warts, but every summer i get burned bad due to my thorazine, so i understand.

I’ve also been getting burnt very easily lately. I didn’t realise that could be related to the medicine.

my eyes are very sensitive to light and its hard looking at somethings, i recently lost my good pair of glasses and it has been a bit of a nightmare getting new ones and now i have to get use to these new ones again :frowning: it sucks, the only consolation i have is the golden ticket i got for half price glasses, i am wearing cheap ones just now but they are ok but if i want a really good pair i can get half price.

another thing was when i went on holiday to a very hot country i was all red and burning skin for the first week but it calmed down, no warts tho. it could have just been me tho bc i come from a pretty cool climate most of the time so i am not use to the heat.

Are you sure those are warts? If they were blisters it would make more sense.

I know the Geodon that I am on makes me feel like I am running my own personal furnace all year long. It is especially hard in the summer I can’t bare days above 75 degrees.

I am sure they are warts instead of blisters, 77nick77. and they are not small. that’s why I was worried.

Being sensitive to light, noise, heat and cold makes getting through the seasons a bit hard for me as well. If I catch a chill, it’s so hard to warm up again.

It’s also hard for me to cool down once I get over heated. My internal thermometer is all out of whack.

Chlorpromazine causes sensitivity to sunlight and burning. In fact when I was on it they advised me to wear factor 50 sunblock

Also because of the weight gain caused by the meds I can’t take heat for long.