People inside your body

Is it possible for people to be inside your body? I have been experiencing this for many years. How can protect one’s body and mind from people getting inside? Some of these people get mad at me for my intrusive thinking. I have felt them trying to physically harm me like moving my jaw bone or trying to melt my face or brain. They think I am a racist, whore, pervert, all types of thoughts. I don’t want these people inside me anymore. They even think my diagnosis is not really my diagnosis. I am taking meds. to combat hearing voices or the feeling of someone inside my body or watching me. This sadly is not helping. If anyone succeeded in banishing the people inside their body please tell me. I don’t understand these people. They think I am a phony because I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder and they are real people. I wish they weren’t real. They think I’m thinking all these perverted racist thoughts even though I’m not. Because of them I began thinking intrusive thoughts which doesn’t do me any good because they harrass me for them.

If the meds aren’t working, then you should try a different one.

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go back to ur shrink and ask to try a different medication and keep trying them until u find one that works for u. good luck.

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I was hearing my dad’s angry voice every night, among other angry voices, like my teachers and my colleagues, they cursed me every night and accused me of being so stupid and unreliable to do anything useful, I was able to get rid of them, and I’m not sure how, I simply was determined to banish them away, and they eventually did banish. It could be that what they tell you; are things your consciousness is feeling guilty of, even if you didn’t do any of those things, but maybe you had a little thought that supported them, try to do exactly the opposite of what they are accusing you of, prove your self to be free of what they accuse you of, and I think you will be free of their accusations. In my case the voices didn’t go away with that solution, they simply couldn’t follow me when I changed my residence in another country, as simple as that.

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I was getting people that were taking over my body and wearing me like a suit. It was like body snatchers or something. I still get them talking through me on occasion, but thanks to prayers to god for help, I was given the strength to fight them off. Only god can help, not therapist, not drugs, only god can help, and he does. It took some time but now I battle them from talking through me as well. Thanks to god I have learned to build on my strengths and deny weakness. I grow stronger with the lord every day.

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“I was getting people that were taking over my body and wearing me like a suit” I felt the same thing was happening to me. I feel people get inside my body as if they were underneath my skin. Some would refer to themselves as “skins.” They were also talking through me sometimes. I hope my faith is strong enough to combat this.

Try to come up with a way to protect yourself. For me, I have a powerful demon/angel that fights them off and protects me. Still get thoughts but only when I forget I have a bodyguard

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If i don’t have a powerful demon/angel to fight them off what can i do? should i see a psychic? maybe she would know whose causing this “posession.”

I do believe that people can possess spiritual capabilities.

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We all have them just make sure to control yours and let it know who is in charge.

How is it done in the first place “possession.” I feel like there is person in my body and i feel very watched and listened to. Sometimes i’m not comfortable with the person inside but they do not leave me alone. I have someone yell outside my window. These people call me whore, racist, pervert. I miss my own thoughts and body. They harass me to death. Medication does not help.
If I know why and how this is done maybe I can find peace if not my health.

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i’m not sure if a spirit can posess an adult body tbh. i think they can with children but i’m not sure about adults. maybe u should try different meds and c if that works…sorry if u already have…just trying to b helpful xxx

No. It’s not possible and spirituality is nonsense.

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MMmmmm, you are wrong on that one my little friend.

Misconstruing the words “inside your body” won’t help you either.

Yes, there are those who can be “inside our bodies”, in our minds in particular.

Had you been paying attention perhaps you could have known that.

if u read reincarnation stories then it’s perfectly possible for a spirit to inhabit a child’s body though i don’t know if there is an age limit on this. although i don’t know what the point would b in tormenting some one for years on end if there was a case of posession. i think i would rather just take someone over and have a good life. this brings me on to the topic of demons but i don’t know if they really exist or not. some case studies say that they do but i don’t know. it’s all a learning curve in any sense. we all have our different beliefs i guess. xxx

I wish it was easier to try competent exorcism. Like meds, it’s hit and miss, but there are no other conventional remedies than those two.

i don’t believe in exorcism personally…how can mere words get rid of a spirit? and if the spirit isn’t religious it doesn’t matter in whose name u cast it out, nothing will happen. xxx

i believe if the person who feels they are possessed wants to be rid of the entity, then there are things they can do like smudging themselves and their house with sage, and visualizing a white light filling their body and burning all of the darkness away. this process has to be repeated often, because entities love to hide when they feel threatened. i do not however, believe a catholic priest using jesus name in latin can get rid of an entity because its just that, not some demon from the christian interpretation of hell.

you cant say that, for sure.
i have had my share, with pendulums, glass on a wiji board, and full proper wiji boards seances… etc
and i do tend too believe in somethings we cannot explain in our world.

as for entities inside your body, or our shared consciousness, i dunno.
the science isnt that clear on what ego or consciousness is. too my knowledge they cant even describe how the brain works in perfect detail.

It could be a lower level entity that someone left behind when they died. These entities are negative actions behaviours and emotions that avoided the light that the spirit passed into after death that would’ve burned them up. We all have a higher consciousness some refer to as a “higher power” or the spirit that moves within all things. i’ve labled them my spirit bodyguard both demonic and angelic a balance really. anyway myself aside, you can call on your higher consciousness “god self, christ self, buddah self, higher power” and they can help get the black into the light and burn them away forever. When you feel possessed call on your own bodyguard to protect u and help you to get rid of the lower level entity that is messing with you. picture your body filling with white light. every cell. since there are multiple people, it will have to be done multiple times. it’s helpful to picture them burning in the white light and disappearing even if you have a hard time believing in what im saying but i hope this helps :smile:

BTW medications did not help me other than knocking me out and turning me into a zombie i tried like ten antipsychotics not to add the antidepressants. the one that worked just silenced the voices but when i quit they were back with a vengeance irritated that i couldn’t hear them that whole time i guess they were still talking but getting angry because i couldnt hear them and wasn’t responding. So i got rid of the bad ones and kept the ones around that i liked getting input from and agreed with. and now if i get harassed i just say hey bodyguard come help me out and i see them get kicked out into the light. i do still take xanax but mostly for my panic attacks because they seem to spur the episodes in the gut. my anxiety and episodes are like all wrapped up together, if one is going up so is the other, but who knows what came first chicken or egg thing haha