Being hard on yourself, some insight

Damnit, cut yourself some slack. I dont mean give in by that though. Keep trying to do the things, but don’t think you’re not worth it. Things eventually will be better.

It just now occurring to me that recovery requires right effort, and right mind set.

Don’t give up on yourself.


Thanks @anon99233869 I needed to be reminded of that today


I don’t think it matters which context. It is true.

I may be in a more advanced stage of recovery then I was 5 years ago. But it still applies. I need to cut myself some slack. I never will fully be up to my expectation.

But I’m making progress. If I don’t start cutting my self some slack, I’m just gonna keep chasing my tail.


I’ve found if you get rid of expectations your life becomes a lot easier…

So. There’s the work expectation. There’s the partner expectation. There’s the I’m normal and can function like everyone else expectation…etc

I’ve found there’s few expectations I fall into so giving those up makes life for a schizophrenic so much easier.

Without expectation you will never be disappointed!


I think those philosophers were onto something when they said “this is it!!” I have an Alan Watts book called THIS IS IT. I loved that title. Saying “you’re already there”. You don’t catch the wind you let the wind catch you.

Sometimes I believe there was a purpose for my less enlightened experiences/mind. You can’t learn to be enlightened unless you experience an unenlightenment. The man /woman who is born perfect never had to grow or change much. And no such thing. But at 29 years old now I’m learning to go with the flow more. What flow? Where does it take me?? The beauty of it is I have no clue. All I have to determine my future destiny is delusion. But it is delusion to not live in the present moment…anyways.


Just trying to survive…


How’s it going wave?

You were having a rough time with your mum being so sick.

Hope you are hanging in there and surrounded by love :two_hearts: and support.

Yes hi @SacredNeigh7
My Mom was approved for Hospice care yesterday but I’m still feeling overwhelmed and burnt out!
She requires 24 hour care.
But having Hospice is a big relief for her and us.

Thanks for asking!


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