Being hard on yourself

stop it stop it now if you are. i was in self beat up mode early part of today my dog isdeveloping aggression isssues and i worked really hard to have a well rounded dog then my sister came round and said its really important to be kind to youself shes right you know.


it feels like i’m going backwards…
my mom was always overly critical of me, especially in high school. Now I’m the same way, she is the person i resemble the most, in some ways. :frowning: wish i had her ambition, one of the traits we don’t share, sadly.

hi amplitude im sorry that your mother made you feel bad about yourself i understand it .
critical parent says if i punish myself ill “do better” i think accepting yourself is important its a british things too we brits dont like to sound to " big headed" i will toot my own trumpet lol. tc