Being harassed by other females

Today I went to the grocery store and all the females I interacted with acted indifferent toward me. My brain 16 years ago would not have paid attention to it. I told my caseworker I was going to start being harassed by others when I start class but she doesn’t believe me. Does sz do this to anyone else. By the way it always seems to be females of the same ethnicity that do it.

16 years ago you would have paid no attention but now you do? Is that because that’s how long you’ve had sz? I don’t think you can tell what someone is thinking just by looking at them. Maybe they were just shy or having a bad day or self-conscious. And how does ethnicity play into to it?

Yes, in grocery store they are always indifferent.


It may be a delusion. I remember that I thought that a group of white people where harassing me and saying things like they were going to kill me at night. I wondered if they would’ve been extremists but since I never saw them I now think that it was just a hallucination. Also could been a delusion without hallucinations like when I met with women and thought they were insanely attracted to me and sending me signals. The truth is that every woman except two that asked me out have rejected me so obviously that is false.

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100% agreed.

People in the grocery store are always like that.

They are there for groceries.

Do you have a specific example?

Maybe you just are feeling a little insecure,

It happens to all of us;

People accuse me of being gay or a hoe all the time. They were just looking at me funny one checker turned her back on me after finishing my transaction. Just leaned over on her hand. It probably is me. I just started a new medicine so. My bf says to just ignore people. So I have to work on that.

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I had a bad experience with females harassing me at college seven years ago. I turned them in and nothing was done about it. All three semesters. Now that I wasn’t imagining because one started yelling at me in the middle of the campus close up. Yeah been sza sixteen years. I pretty much think I’m going to go through the same thing again. Doesn’t really matter what ethnicity they are they just need to leave me alone.

Maybe this is why you are feeling so paranoid.
Give it some time to work.
Take care of yourself @roxanna.
No one is out to get you.

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Yes. Part of my sz and pstd is that i feel like people hate me. I am not welcome anywhere and unaccepted, neglected and ostrasized in society (by men and women). Its juvenile i know. I never used to feel so bad but it has gotten worse. Its awful for me. Even grocery shopping i feel harassed or like its hostile. It needs to end, its so difficult for me as i enjoy people’s company but i feel tormented by these delusions and feelings. I have had some experinces where ppl have been horid towards me for no reason or trying to make new friends but i am told there is nothing i can do and i just have to get over it amd not ne so sensitive.
I hope this fades away as its been really distressing and im a hermit. I hope no one feels this way ever. Ever hopefull and postive

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Don’t talk yourself into this happening again. Whatever happened 16 years ago won’t happen again. Those girls are gone. You are older now. Try not to read too much into things. I wish you the very best of luck.

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Seven years ago at college.